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Feeling Overwhelmed? Start Here.

order in chaos Sep 12, 2022

Feeling stuck in the fog of overwhelm? If so, stop.  Follow these simple steps below and let’s open your inner horizon once more.

Feeling overwhelmed from time to time is normal.


Sometimes you know why: perhaps there’s a lot on your plate, or something ‘bad’...

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Want to Fix Your Anxiety? Start Here.

you first May 13, 2022

If you experience anxiety, you probably want to fix anxiety.

But what if nothing’s ‘wrong’?

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re not doctors or psychologists at Heart2Shine. That means we do not treat anxiety.

We help people connect to who they are and create...

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How to Have Your BEST Christmas Yet!

How to Have the BEST Christmas Yet!

Christmas is nearly here! It a time of heightened emotions: fun, excitement, exhaustion and stress. If you calmly and joyously celebrate Christmas each year, wonderful!

If not, I want to help.

Spending time with loved ones, opening presents, gorging on special...

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Self-Reflection – Why Its Important

you first Nov 03, 2021

Why Self-Reflection is Important


Self-Reflection: noun. Serious thought or consideration. Synonyms: thought, thinking, study, musing, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, pondering, meditation, rumination, cogitation.

In today’s busy world, self-reflection...

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Why It Pays to Be Kind

Why it Pays to Be Kind

We all like to be kind to those we love, but sometimes we take our loved ones for granted.  Life gets busy, routines get established and we might not even notice that we’re no longer being kind to those we love and hold close to our hearts.

Did you know that it...

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Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

What Are You Capable Of?

A couple of years ago I became ill with one virus after another and was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I went from feeling fit and healthy and doing the job I love, to having no energy, constant nausea, aching body and a sore and very muggy head.


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Why You Should Follow the Signposts

Follow the Signposts

I used to have severe nerve pain in my left shoulder and arm. It was at a time when I was unhappy in the work I was doing and my injury was the last straw.

A job came up at “Your GP” (formerly Medicalternative) that I was drawn to. I had a good feeling about it...

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Is Your Life Feeling Balanced?

Are You Balanced?

Today I live a fairly balanced life and it feels good.

But it wasn’t always like that.

When I Was Out of Balance

Everything changed for me a couple of years ago when I had chronic fatigue.

I discovered that I was very good at offering help and support to others but the...

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How to Stay In-Tune with What You Need

How to Stay In-Tune with What You Need

Since writing How to Find Space for You and Enlightened Doing, blog series, many of you have since asked how you too can ‘tune in’ to yourself, learn to ‘back yourself’, listen to your own needs, keep listening to your own...

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Is Your Life Feeling Too Full On?

Is Your Life Too Full On?

When your life is too full on, you have three conscious choices:

1. Moderate it.

2. Go with it understanding you probably will burn out. 

3. Switch off and park yourself somewhere and take the overdue break.

Unfortunately a large proportion of us make a...

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