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Feeling Overwhelmed? Start Here.

order in chaos Sep 12, 2022

Feeling stuck in the fog of overwhelm? If so, stop.  Follow these simple steps below and let’s open your inner horizon once more.

Feeling overwhelmed from time to time is normal.


Sometimes you know why: perhaps there’s a lot on your plate, or something ‘bad’ has happened.


Other times, like fog, overwhelm descends from nowhere, for no apparent reason.


Whether your feelings of overwhelm are logical, or not, follow these steps and let’s lift the fog and start looking towards the sunny horizon once more.


  1.  Breathe- you’re not committing to anything right now. Just reading this. This is within your reach.
  2.  Write it down- whatever you have to do or face, when you’re ready, simply write it down.
  3.  Breathe- if you’ve managed to write it down (or simply read to this point), take another deep breath. The hardest part- believe it or not- is done. Go You!
  4. Break it down- write down each step that needs to happen in order to get what’s overwhelming done, sorted out or in some way moved forward.
  5. Breathe- you’ve got this far! Keep reading, keep going and keep breathing
  6. Ask yourself, “Do I need professional help, moral support or encouragement?” If so, identify who and where you can get it and write it down.
  7. Before you start actioning, ask yourself, “How Can I Lighten This?” If you answered “Yes” to question 6 and you’re ready to take action, or you’re ready and don’t need input from others, ask what you can do to lighten your mood right now. Could you create a, ‘I can do this’ playlist? Go for a walk, make a firm decision to reward yourself? Buddy up with a friend or colleague? Light a candle? Meditate or even listen to 5 minutes of comedy on YouTube? Write this down. Then…
  8. Start/get going again- when you’re ready, let’s take action. If you’re not ready, let’s put each of the above in place, then set a date and time to start (or get going once more). Once the date and time rolls round, follow the above; breathing, breaking down, lightening then actioning, and lastly…
  9. Congratulate yourself! Do not skip this part. And mean it, no matter how simple the action you took was (including reading this to the end). Do so and you will start to train your mind to move from foggy overwhelm towards successful doing and feel good horizon.


We want you to use this. So we've created a free Overwhelm Busting Plan Action Plan. Click the image below and save yours.



Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. If you live in the perpetual fog of overwhelm for longer, take a deep breath and ask yourself- is it time to take this seriously? If so, seek help from either an expert in your field of need, a coach or your GP. You matter. Honour yourself.

Give yourself that clear horizon you deserve.

Should your horizon be clear, please share this with anyone you love who may feel stuck in the fog right now. We all deserve to feel lighter and more in control.


Best Wishes,

Zoe Alexander

Happy Coach at Heart2Shine

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