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Are you feeling disconnected, deflated, and down on yourself?

Heart2Shine offers the help you need to reconnect with your inner greatness, so that you can feel lighter and more alive. With professional coaching and life changing courses, Heart2Shine makes it easy to reignite the spark within and make the positive impact on your life you're looking for. 


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We’re Zoe & Shirley

We know you want to feel happy, believe in yourself, and know that your life matters.
With more than 30 years of combined experience, we’ve helped thousands of spiritually minded people connect to who they are, open-up to what’s possible, so they can change their world. If you are feeling lost, discouraged, and disconnected, we can help. 

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Services that Help

As people...

We understand how helpless it feels to be down and unable to figure out what to do or find the energy to do it. If only you could wake up differently. If you could just do it for yourself, find a way, make it happen, wave a wand, then everything would be so much better.

As coaches, healers & teachers…

We believe you deserve to have the help and the tools you need to reconnect, let go and get going again. We believe you can:

* Connect to the greatness within
* Grow as you understand the lessons of whatever you’re going through
* Create the successful and deeply meaningful life you know you deserve now

Why Choose Heart2Shine?

Everyone gets discouraged and disconnected. Coaching and courses from Heart2Shine connects you to the greatness within, so you can feel light and burn bright.

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We believe you deserve to have the help and the tools you need to reconnect.
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We’re called ‘Heart2shine’ because helping you really makes our hearts shine too!

We love everything about our work, especially decoding spirituality, so you can understand life lessons, work with your beliefs, engage who you are, and practically build success in your everyday life. Wherever you are right now, we’d be honoured to help you, too!

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