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About Zoe Alexander

Potential Realising Spiritual Life Coaching Online and In Person

For over 22 years I’ve helped great people:

* Reconnect and Take Back Their Lives
* Own Their Potential
* Live with Courage and Conviction
* Enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Successful Physical Life Whilst Connected to Their Spiritual Life

I continue to love helping you. So much so our company is called Heart2Shine.
When your heart shines, mine does too.

Have you been feeling disconnected from what matters to you in life?

If so, I - Zoe Alexander - can help. With spiritual life coaching sessions designed to help you connect to your inner self and shine brightly, I'll help you find clarity and tame the chaos that can can over daily life. Go on. Take a positive step forward and start realizing your potential today.

Working with me is simple

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3. Turn up and breathe

Your future is already brighter!

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How can I help you?

Spiritual Life Coaching
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Master Your Mind
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Spiritual Development
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Energetic Healing
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Animal Communication
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How have I helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with Zoe over the years. Here’s what three people say:


I first met Zoe four years ago, when seeking help with disconnectedness in my life. Since then, I’ve included Zoe as part of my inner counsel, and the role that she plays is invaluable to me both personally and professionally. Zoe brings balance and helps me to retain a centred and spiritual approach. I feel that as a direct result, I have become a much more effective and successful individual. I would recommend Zoe to anyone interested in finding the best in themselves and harnessing that to achieve great things.

-John, Australia


Zoe, I just wanted to send you an extra big THANK, because I feel much more in control of our situation now. It’s amazing what magic YOU can do within 45min only…. you seriously have got an amazing gift.

-Barbara, Europe


Heart2Shine, Zoe, has literally changed my life both personally and for work. 

Before I was wading through endless waves of overwhelm.

I have a challenging existence. But Zoe shows me what I can manage whilst making it realistic. She takes it step by step with me, helps me align with my priorities, is always real with me (what I need!) and looks at every aspect of my life when helping me with my next course of action. 

It is hard to put into words how truly incredible Zoe is.

-Loren, Australia

Professional Credentials

Press Articles

Prior to focusing on Spiritual Life Coaching, Zoe worked as an Energetic Healer.
Take a trip down memory lane and read what was written about Zoe Alexander the energetic healer here.