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Energetic Healing 

Lighter Brighter You 


Clear your energy. Balance your energy. Flow with life.

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Feeling low is dismal.

Blocks make life feel dull. Don’t live out of balance.
Reconnect and restore that vibrant flow.

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Cleanse Your Aura

Let go of outdated patterns, attachments, and blocks. Rebalance, and soar.

Balance and Restore Your Energy

Release old energy.
Leave the past behind.
Regardless of what’s happened or where you are now, let it go. Set yourself free.

Own Your Flow

Connect with your spirit. Own your power. Live life in flow.

As healers we know...

How it feels to be mentally, energetically, or emotionally off balance and ungrounded.

With a combined 41 years’ experience, Zoe & Shirley have helped people all over the world to:

* Rebalance by Kickstarting Their Own Energy Field
* Cleanse Old Energies, Patterns and Attachments
* Connect to Who They Truly Are
* Align with Their Spirit
*Flow with this Universe

Don’t live life feeling blocked or like there's something wrong with your energy.

Consultations with Zoe

Online Worldwide. Sydney based.

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Consultations with Shirley

Online Worldwide. Edinburgh based.

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Know more...

How have we helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with us over the years. Here’s what  people say:


I first met Zoe after my partner died. I was in a hole and someone recommended healing. 

During my first healing, I felt this wave of heaviness, guilt and regret lift off me.

I've had four more treatments from Zoe.

I know feel more relaxed, happier in life and I'm even looking forward to finding love again.

I really recommend healing with Zoe to anyone who is grieving, stuck or even doubting themselves.


-Jane, Sydney


I went to see Shirley as a last resort. I was in a lot of pain, suffering from what I thought was arthritis, I had chronic depression, PTSD and was feeling suicidal.  I was in a really bad place and felt there was no hope for me.

During my first session with Shirley she worked with me, helping to release energetic blockages in my body and the tears barely stopped flowing. Over the next few months, I gradually began to feel better and [under my GP’s supervision], I gradually came off all my medication. 

Six years down the line, I still see Shirley regularly.  I’ve never had to go back on my medication and I’m rarely in any pain.  I’m now a Reiki Practitioner  and I’ll be eternally grateful to Shirley for helping me to get my life back

-Carole, UK


Shirley has never failed to lift me physically and spiritually from a state of thinking I am not good enough, not doing enough or achieving enough or reaching my goals fast enough.

She puts me into a state of total relaxation and when the spirit guides enter the session, I feel a great sense of peace and love and I am assured that I am now where I need to be on my life’s path

She is an extremely spiritual and loving person who never judges you while she energises your whole system.

I would absolutely recommend Shirley to anyone who wishes their whole body and spirit to be uplifted.

-Myra, Edinburgh

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