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Master Your Mind 

Calmer, Clearer, More Conscious You


Quiet the noise. Silence the critic. Feel better.

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Giving yourself a hard time is damaging.

Constantly criticising yourself is corrosive. Don’t live life dispirited. You are meant for so much more.

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Liberate Your Thinking

Regardless of however messy, we can work your mind and clean up your thinking. 


Respect Yourself

You’ve one mind. If it's not bringing you happiness, let’s change that.


Brighten Your Future

Flip the negative. Find the positive. Enjoy your life.

Living with an overthinking and endlessly critical mind is exhausting. I know because I used to have one.

Mastering your mind takes work. And time. You need to be consistent and diligent.

But the results? I honestly believe this is one of the best uses of time and energy you can ever make.  

For 22 years and with love, respect, and admiration, I’ve helped people:

  • Clear and Calm Their Minds
  • Raise Their Consciousness
  • Find Peace, Perspective and Meaning
  • Take Ownership of Their Lives
  • Connect with the Beauty of Life

My mind once ran amok, taking me to dark and deeply unhappy places. That was a long time ago.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people work to master their minds too.

Are you ready clean up that thinking and master your mind?

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Consultations with Zoe

Online Worldwide. Sydney based.

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3. Turn Up and Breathe

Your future is already brighter!

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Know more...

How have I helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with Zoe over the years. Here’s what three people say:


Working with you has been an eye opener. I've been able to look within and act on what’s there. I’ve listened to why I’m feeling like that and I’m no longer just plodding along and hoping things will change and I’ll be happy. I’m making myself happy.

Steph, UK


Zoe- you’ve changed my life forever. There is help out there! But each person has their level. A personal trainer helps you with fitness. A psychologist helps you with what’s wrong with your mind. A spiritual teacher or healer helps you with that aspect. But you- you are the best all-round general-purpose helper I could ever have. It’s remarkable what you do and how you can work on all those levels. I’m so grateful to you. My life just works. Really well. I just wanted to tell you.

-Jamie, Australia


I have woken up today feeling like a completely different person from yesterday morning. What you do for people like me is nothing short of incredible, and I am so very, very, grateful. Xxx

-Laura, Australia

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