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Spiritual Development

Open-Up to What’s Inside and Fly!


Explore Your Gifts. Engage Your Spirit. Find Out What’s Inside.

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Settling for ‘normal’ is not why you’re here.

Not connecting with the Universe is just wrong. Don’t disrespect the spiritual you. You were born to experience so much more.

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Release Your Spirit

Connect in, explore, and set yourself free.

Honour Yourself

What lies inside is unique. Have the courage to explore it.

Magnify Your Energy

Work with your energy field, open-up to your gifts and let deep connection begin.

We understand that spiritual awakenings or exploration can feel raw, vulnerable, exhilarating and/or overwhelming.

For a combined 41 years, we’ve have helped people all over the world to:

  • Connect to the gifts and sensitivities inside
  • Open-up to the possibilities within
  • Flow with themselves and the Universe
  • Create deeply connected and meaningful lives

We love this work and we’re here to help and support you, every step of the way, as you wake up and explore a deeper and more meaningful you.

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Consultations with Shirley

Online Worldwide. Edinburgh based.

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How have we helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with us over the years. Here’s what  people say:


Before I met Zoe, I was having difficulty breaking through to understand my potential and what things in life were helping or hindering my ability to be my best self. Part of this journey was establishing the difference between my energy field, my conscious mind, and emotions. Letting go of past relationships and old mindsets was a challenge that Zoe has helped break through!
My life and work have changed immensely since working with Zoe! 

She has helped me distinguish between my truth, conditioning, and society pressures to help me lean into my power to grasp my full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. This has translated into my work to enhance my strength to lead with confidence and self-assurance, whilst in my personal life to make decisions and choose the path that aligns with my values and desires. Additionally, she has sped up my development and growth to reach higher levels and areas that I wouldn’t have opened or worked on in years!

-Dane, Australia


I went to see Shirley as  a last resort. I was in a lot of pain, suffering from what I thought was arthritis, I had chronic depression, PTSD and was feeling suicidal.  I was in a really bad place and felt there was no hope for me.

During my first session with Shirley the tears barely stopped flowing as she worked on me, helping to release energetic blockages in my body. Over the next few months, I gradually began to feel better and [under my GP’s supervision], I gradually came off all my medication. 

Six years down the line, I still see Shirley regularly.  I’ve never had to go back on my medication and I’m rarely in any pain.  I’m now a Reiki Practitioner and I’ll be eternally grateful to Shirley for helping me to get my life back.

-Carole, UK


What a journey. The best decision I have ever made (or the spirit guides moved me towards ha). The next best decision was saying yes to the Spiritual journey. I am SO full of love, emotion, thanks and gratitude to you, the spirit guides and the universal. I am finding it hard to hold it all in (I know you are shouting don't hold it in ha). You are a truly beautiful and special person and I wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for everything that you do Zoe.

-Debs, Australia

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