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Spiritual Life Coaching 

Lighter, Brighter You 


Be happy. Be grounded. Be successful. But most of all, be you.

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Feeling disconnected is depressing.

Stop living like your dreams don't matter. Don’t waste your life. You are meant for so much more.

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Own Your Power

 This is your life. Gain the courage to live it fully. Your way.

Honour Yourself

Flip the negative for the positive, overcome blocks, learn your lessons and flow with life.


Being and Doing

Life isn't all about doing. Balance your doing with your being. 


For 23 years and with love and respect, I’ve helped people:

Reconnect and Take Back Their Lives
Live with Courage and Conviction
Understand their Life and Spiritual Lessons
Overcome Blocks & Manifest Their Dreams 

... and most importantly, be themselves.

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Sydney and Online Worldwide

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Know more...

How have I helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with Zoe over the years. Here’s what three people say:


I started seeing Zoe when I was feeling deeply unhappy and had extended periods of anxiety and depression. Despite what looked like a “successful” life on the outside to most people, I felt stuck and overwhelmed but didn’t know how to move forward. Zoe is truly gifted and has incredible wisdom and empathy and can adapt her approach depending on my needs during our sessions. She has supported and guided me to make positive changes in every aspect of my life including my health, career, and personal and work relationships. I feel stronger, more confident, more empowered, and excited about my future. Zoe is my life coach, therapist, and spiritual guide all in one. I only wish I met Zoe earlier and would recommend her to anyone who wants to create a happier and more meaningful life.

Anna, Sydney


Zoe has helped me evolve both in my personal and professional life for the past 10 years. She has guided me in defining my goals and values, understanding my needs better and mapping all these insights into concise action plans. Her work has helped me considerably and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an impactful life and business coach.

-Barbara, Zurich


Heart2Shine, Zoe, has literally changed my life both personally and for work. 

Before I was wading through endless waves of overwhelm.

I have a challenging existence (to say the least!). But Zoe takes it to the next level, showing me what I can manage whilst making it realistic. She takes it step by step with me, helps me align with my priorities, is always real with me (what I need) and looks at every aspect of my life when helping me with my next course of action. 

It is hard to put into words how truly incredible Zoe is. She has a gift, which then gets gifted to you!  

Thank you, Zoe, I love you for all you have done for me and my family!!!

-Loren, Sydney

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