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Animal Communication 

Heart Warming Animal Communication Consultations


Stop Worrying. Stop Doubting. Stop Wishing They Could Talk.

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Misunderstanding your pet is frustrating.

Wondering what they’re trying to say is hard. Don’t doubt your abilities to care for them. Be the best pet owner you can be.

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You Can Know What They’re Thinking

Listen to Your Animal. You want to do what’s right for them. Always. 

Acknowledge the Nudge

When you know they’re trying to tell you something, you want to listen.

Trust Your Bond

What you feel is real. Deepen and strengthen the love and connection you already share.

Every horse, cat and dog is unique. For 13 years I’ve helped devoted pet owners:

* Talk with their animals
* Better understand and meet their needs
* Feel reassured that they are giving the best care they can
* Become the happiest, most fulfilled pet owners they can be

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Consultations with Zoe

Sydney and Online Worldwide

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Working with me is simple.

1. Book Your Appointment

Dive right in or select a free 15-minute discovery call to establish if I am right for you and your animal.

2. Complete Your Emailed Form

This helps me understand what you and your pet needs.

3. Turn up online with Your Animal or with a Photo

And hear what they have to say.

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How have I helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with Zoe over the years. Here’s what three people say:


To be able to know exactly how your beloved animal friend is feeling, and what they are thinking. Whether you have a dog, cat, or horse in your life, your relationship with them, and respect for them, will become something you never imagined.  They will become your partner and friend, as opposed to "only" your loving pet.  While there are con artists out there, Zoe is not one of them.  She shares your animals’ thoughts and feelings with you, and things come out it would be impossible for her to know if you or your animal had not told her. Whether you want help with some physical ailment your animal seems to have that cannot be diagnosed, a behavioural issue, or you simply what to make sure they are happy in their life, Zoe can help them give you their answers.  I cannot recommend the experience strongly enough.

- Shari

(Fur Mum to Steel the horse, Lolly the cat and Biscuit the dog)


Zoe helps you to understand your animal’s needs and how your animal works i.e., how things happen in the animal world and the differences to their world versus our own.  The relationship you have with your animal completely transforms from one of coexisting together to one of friendship, companionship, and love as you come to understand and listen to your animal more.  Zoe’s love and delight when working with animals is evident.  Her approach is soft and gentle whilst also being respectful and loving towards your animal.  I would highly recommend you utilize Zoe’s services if you have any inkling to know how your animal is, how they are feeling, if there is something you can do better or if you want to just check they are okay and happy!

- Alex

(Fur Mum to Choc the dog and Mindy the cat.)


Zoe helped me with my new horse Voila when I was 15. After she left, I felt a lot more confident with knowing what to do with this new horse. Voila told her she preferred a paddock on her own at a quiet barn as she was stressed. I moved her and it helped a lot. Voila also said she wanted to get her self-confidence and fitness back after her injury and we both were excited for the future.

When we had to part years later, Viola was distressed. I called Zoe again. 

Viola’s behaviour completely changed back to normal after seeing Zoe. To hear that Voila was proud of the way we had grown and bonded together, we had built each other’s confidence and we had become extremely connected was incredible.  

I’m so glad that Zoe was able to help us both know and understand that. 

Thank you, Zoe!

- Charne

(Fur Mum to Viola the horse)

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