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How to Have Your BEST Christmas Yet!

Dec 07, 2021

How to Have the BEST Christmas Yet!

Christmas is nearly here! It a time of heightened emotions: fun, excitement, exhaustion and stress. If you calmly and joyously celebrate Christmas each year, wonderful!

If not, I want to help.

Spending time with loved ones, opening presents, gorging on special...

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Is Your Life Too Full On?

Sep 21, 2021

Is Your Life Too Full On?

When life is too full on, you have three conscious choices:

1. Moderate it.

2. Go with it understanding you probably will burn out. 

3. Switch off and park yourself somewhere and take the overdue break.

Unfortunately a large proportion of us make a fourth,...

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How to Find Space and Time For You: Part 2

Jul 02, 2021

How to Find Space and Time For You Part 2

This blog follows on from Part 1 How to Find Space and Time For You.

Part 1 featured Rachel’s story. 

Part 2 features Constance, George and Debbie’s real life stories, together with and advice for how you CAN create space and find...

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How to Find Space and Time for You: Part 1

Jul 01, 2021

How to Find Space and Time for You: Part 1

Limited vs. limitless– the contradictory nature of being a human being.

You want more and you can feel your potential. It feels limitless!

Yet at the same time, you experience your limitations: space, time, money, skills, faith...

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How to Spring Clean Your Life

Sep 10, 2018

Spring Clean Your Life

Spring- the air is warming, the bees are buzzing and life is renewing. It’s a time where your energies naturally rebuild and you look forward to months ahead. If, however, you’re not quite bouncing like a spring lamb and/or feel it’s time for some...

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How to Get Back up

Jul 02, 2018

How to Get Back Up

Getting back up is never difficult but what stops many of you from doing so is your own inner tale of weakness.

This is your life- no-one else’s- and if you’re going to live it, really live it, you need to use the key to Getting Back Up and get going once more.


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Zoe's Journey With Meditation

Jun 11, 2018

Zoe's Journey With Meditation

My journey with meditation first began when I tried meditation in my first year at university. At this point I was suffering from depression, anxiety and recovering from glandular fever and chronic fatigue. I knew my mind was dysfunctional (I read A LOT) and knew...

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Are You at a Crossroad and Unsure of Where to Go?

May 21, 2018

Are You at a Crossroad and Unsure of Where to Go?

Crossroads are unsettling and often appear when something goes wrong, happens unexpectedly or when you’re ready for change but are unsure of which direction it will take you in.

If you are at a crossroad no doubt you have been frantically...

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Feel Well with Gratitude

Apr 30, 2018

Feel Well with Gratitude

Clients often ask me why I want them to to write about what they are feeling grateful for when they are feeling miserable. I understand- that can seem mean!  

Why You Can Feel Well with Gratitude

Gratitude is alchemic: it is the wings that can lift you...
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How to Improve Your Life

Apr 23, 2018

Improve Your Life: An Exercise from Zoe

We know you work with us for very specific reasons: improve your health, find inner peace, boost your wellbeing, connect with your own spirituality, create an authentic life and get your career/life purpose off the ground and flying, to name a few.

We also...

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