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How to Get Back Up - Then Get Up Now!

How to Get Back Up

Getting back up is never difficult but what stops many of you from doing so is your own inner tale of weakness.

This is your life- no-one else’s- and if you’re going to live it, really live it, you need to use the key to Getting Back Up and get going once more.

I’d like to give you this key.

It won’t just work this year but can unlock every aspect of your life, including your hearts desires, at any time, in any year.

Anytime you stop, stumble or fail or fall, the decision to get back up is all you ever need.

Made often enough, this decision will become a habit and this habit will open you and your life to the dreams and experiences you're looking for.

By forming this habit of getting back up, you will seriously transform your life. 

No matter what your doing, want to do, feel obliged to do, or whatever you want to achieve or experience, at some point in some thing you will initially fail, experience moments of weakness, be overwhelmed with self-doubt, wonder if any effort is really worth it and even give up. That doesn't mean you should give up.

Getting back up is never difficult but what stops many of you from doing it is your own mental storytelling: how hard it will be; how you can’t face the pain again of losing, feeling a failure, being turned down or rejected.

The reality of getting back up isn’t a story but a simple decision and one that you are capable and have already made throughout your entire life especially if you’ve made it to adult hood. At some point throughout your life you would have failed an exam, been turned down for a job, not won at a competitive game and so on.

Whether you were aware or not you decided to get up and carry on, it was a decision you made at the time.

Regardless of what it is you want, you are likely to need to master getting back up before you achieve or experience it. Whether you want to heal; build better relationships; explore your spirituality; get to the bottom of what it really is you want to do with your time on this earth.

One decision is all that’s needed and that decision is to get back up and take the next step in front! If something has happened and you believe you no longer can or know how to get back up, get help.

Unless you become a well oiled queen or king at getting up and form the habit of getting up rather than giving into your own inner tale of weakness, you will never transform your life your dreams and your hearts desires.

You matter in this world. So go on. Make that decision. Get back up.

Love Zoe x

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