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New Year New Vision

Everyone has hopes and dreams but most people run out of steam before making them a reality. Some lose hope and revert to life’s well used & trusted comfort blanket. Occasionally others cast aside their blanket, push past the familiar and move their life forward; overcoming barriers and self-limiting beliefs in the process. What’s the difference between the New Year dreamers and the end of year achievers? They hold a vision and from that vision create a meaningful action plan.

No matter how great or terrible 2018 was for these people, they know that the New Year presents a new opportunity. Where do they start? With a vision of how they would like 2019 to be.  They then take their vision and get into the driving seat, heading towards making their hopes and dreams reality. The good news is that you can do what they do by using 6 keys to making the promise of a New Year in January 2019, reason to celebrate in December 2019.


6 Keys to Making 2019 Your Year

  1. Make sure your vision is for YOU, not anyone else.
  2. Make sure your vision has meaning for YOU. Whilst you can involve others and ask for their help, your life is your own.
  3. If your vision has no meaning for you personally, you won’t drive it!
  4. Moving towards achieving your vision may mean facing your fears. It will certainly mean overcoming fears, barriers and setbacks.
  5. Once you have your vision, create your meaningful plan. Creating your plan already moves you halfway towards making your vision a reality. The other half is action.
  6. Be prepared to ask for help, guidance and support, whether that be from a friend, family member, partner or a professional coach or mentor. Help can be as simple as a warm hug when you’re feeling low, or as nerve wracking as seeking professional input to help you face your biggest fears! Regardless, never under estimate the level of support you may need and make sure you always ask for it, whether it is big or small.

Life is what you make it. Why not commit to establishing a vision, making your dreams come true and setting some goals so you can achieve them. Comfort blankets are great and the familiar can feel nice.  Simply wishing your life to be better doesn’t work. Work does. So why not become a New Year achiever instead of a New Year dreamer. Let’s purposefully drive your life forward into the promise of opportunity that 2019 holds for everyone. You really matter and happiness in this life is really down to you. Come on, let’s take the time to shine and make that plan. The world is waiting…


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