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Are You at a Crossroad and Unsure of Where to Go?

Are You at a Crossroad and Unsure of Where to Go?

Crossroads are unsettling and often appear when something goes wrong, happens unexpectedly or when you’re ready for change but are unsure of which direction it will take you in.

If you are at a crossroad no doubt you have been frantically trying to figure out what you can do.

It’s common at these times to become mentally over stimulated by what you can or could do, which only serves to perpetuate a sense of frustration, anxiety and feeling lost.

Often what is really needed, isn’t actually a plan of what to do- it’s time. Time to assimilate change.

If you’re at a crossroad I suggest you consider adopting a pre-plan plan

1. Pause- allow yourself to catch your breath before taking action.

2. If you feel like you must do something, start by eliminating the possibilities you don’t want; i.e. if you are looking for a job and several are on offer, immediately discard the ones you know you will not want. Removing what you don’t want will help clear mental space for you evaluate what you do want more clearly.

3. If you’re feeling time pressured, ask yourself if the time pressure is actually real or if you have imposed them on yourself. If you have, agree to pause.

4. Seek help- you don’t need to go it alone. If friends and family aren’t able to help you impartially (and few are!) get professional help from someone who is only concerned with your health, happiness, wellbeing and overall success.

5. Trust- crossroads bring opportunities and opportunities are good! Can you remember the last time you were at a crossroad? What good came out of that? Life will always give you opportunity to grow and this is one of these times. Remember: even if you choose a direction and find you don’t like it, you can always choose another- trust this.

Cross roads can be scary places. But once you figure out what to do (perhaps starting with what you won't do) you'll soon find your life taking a new direction.

Love Zoe x

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