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How to Spring Clean Your Life- A Guide

Spring Clean Your Life

Spring- the air is warming, the bees are buzzing and life is renewing. It’s a time where your energies naturally rebuild and you look forward to months ahead. If, however, you’re not quite bouncing like a spring lamb and/or feel it’s time for some re-invigoration, let’s hit “refresh” and give you a little boost by giving your life a mini spring clean. 

Targeting one area of your life and giving it a mini makeover can revive your sense of self and help you feel lighter and brighter on the inside. Something well worth the effort.

How to Spring Clean Your Life

Set aside ten minutes and have a pen and paper or digital device handy. I’m going to ask you to feel into the following, one subject at a time and take your time to really feel what happens on the inside when you focus on that subject.

  • Your physical health
  • Your mental wellbeing
  • Your diet
  • Your exercise
  • Your home
  • Your work/career
  • Your finances
  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Your relationship

In which area did you emotionally sink most? Some of you may have felt a sinking feeling at more than one area. If you did, the area that was most pronounced is the area we’re going to give a mini makeover.

Question: what one thing can you do to clean up, clear out, resolve, reorganize, harmonize or move this area forward in life? Write this down. Then open your diary and schedule in when you are going to take action to make that one thing happen.

If, for example, it was your finances, you may not be immediately able to make your credit card bill go away, but you can look at your filing system, clear it out and re-organise the system you use. If it was your health, you may not reverse your diabetes, but you can identify what you can do to improve your overall state of health. If your partner’s mood is getting you down, you might not be able to cheer him up, but you can identify what you can do to cheer yourself up.

Success depends on two things: firstly that you focus on one area and one action at a time and secondly that you diarize when you are physically going to take action. Otherwise you could face overwhelm.

Mini life makeovers can be fun to do with a friend, relative our partner. It helps build enthusiasm and shares a sense of invigoration. You don’t need to tackle the same issue, simply share the experience.

Let’s be clear, our mini makeover may not wholly resolve all underlying issues but it can positively move you forward: something that will release energy, relieve you mentally and ultimately help put that spring back into your step. Something we both know is that you deserve this springtime.

*This article originally appeared in October 17 issue of Peninsula Living and North Shore Living.

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