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Is Your Life Feeling Too Full On?

Is Your Life Too Full On?

When your life is too full on, you have three conscious choices:

1. Moderate it.

2. Go with it understanding you probably will burn out. 

3. Switch off and park yourself somewhere and take the overdue break.

Unfortunately a large proportion of us make a fourth, unconscious choice: unwittingly continue until we’re addicted, enslaved, then victimised by the uber busy-ness in our lives.

This week I spoke with a woman who had been a workaholic- till she broke.

Desperate to get back to the way she was, she first had to learn how to park herself for a period of time: we both knew she had no choice in the short term.

Several months later she’s reaped the benefits of doing little, learned to be more and now firmly believes everyone should take a four-month sabbatical to ‘take stock’ of themselves, their lives and why they are doing what they’re doing.

We both know she would never have done this for herself had her addiction to doing and achieving not finally broken her.

Her breakdown demanded her to stop; recuperation took time and in this time she was smart enough to learn new ways of being in order to heal.

How is she now?

Better! She’s discovered the wind down, as well as the wind up, mechanism and is working to discover her own sweet, magical groove between doing, accomplishing and feeling satisfied whilst genuinely being herself and opening up to the joys of simpler living and more meaningful living.

Ask yourself- is your life feeling too full on?

Can you pause, spend a little time and ask yourself which of the three conscious choices are best for you right now? Or will it take that fourth, unconscious choice for you to stop and pay attention?

Burn out isn’t fun and something the two of us at Heart2Shine have experienced- me twice!

We are here to help. So if you need a boost, a strategy or a time for yourself, give us a call. 

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Love Zoe x

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