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How to Find Space and Time for You: Part 1

How to Find Space and Time for You: Part 1

Limited vs. limitless– the contradictory nature of being a human being.

You want more and you can feel your potential. It feels limitless!

Yet at the same time, you experience your limitations: space, time, money, skills, faith and self-belief.

In our Enlightened Doing three-part blog series, we discussed the importance of feeling good before taking action.

Enlightened Doing brings being into doing and feel-good into your world; eliminating one cause of unnecessary suffering–  ‘I need to do this and then I’ll have time to fill my pot/feel good/be me/get round to giving myself what I need’.

You are a limitless being and you live in a limited world: this is a Universal truth.

Yet you can always make space and find time to expand the very being of yourself, or at least give yourself a little room to breathe.

In this, and Part 2 of How to Find Space and Time for Youyou’ll find a real life story of how others have done just that.

We hope their stories of personal, professional and spiritual expansion, will inspire you to make space for you, in your life today.

How Rachel Found Space and Time for Herself

Rachel is a personal trainer.  She is married with four children, works long hours, owns her own business and regularly studies in her free time to improve her professional skills.

After we did a workshop together, she decided to learn to meditate to boost her levels of personal wellbeing.

Being proactive as PT’s often are, she investigated what was available and found books, hour-long classes with 20 minute commutes either side, clients who told her they meditate for 3 hours at a time and the names of great retreats where she too could take a week out of her life to learn to meditate for 3 hours at a time. 

3 hours at a time!?! She didn't think she had 5 minutes!

So she stopped looking. But the desire to meditate remained.

Being a PT means she regularly hears clients complain about not having enough time and space to exercise.

She firmly believes everyone can find 40 minutes in a day and should. So when an incredibly busy client told her he that he had learned to meditate in 20 minutes, still exercised and managed his busy life, Rachel suddenly realised meditating could be possible.

She learned with me and one month later, Rachel has meditated for 20 minutes every day.

She’s just back from holiday and, for the first time in her life, was able to completely switch off.

Rachel now regularly tells her busy clients about how they too can find space and time for themselves, just as she has.

Learning to meditate helped her take the time and space she needed to refresh her body, mind and spirit.

The time and space she invested in herself wasn’t selfish; it was an investment. And that investment in her health and wellbeing, is also positively impacting the wellbeing of others. 

Taking time for you is never selfish. 

Energetically you are always impacting others.

When you take time and space for you, you boost your own feelings of wellness.

Feelings of wellness, rather than busy-ness or stress, impact others far more positively. And that's what we want. Positive cycles of wellbeing for all.

Love Zoe xxx

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