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Enlightened Doing Part 1: I Feel Like It’s Taking Forever!

Enlightened Doing Part 1: I Feel Like It’s Taking Forever!

You want to do or achieve something. Thinking of it feels good. You know it’s ‘right’. You are already applying yourself. but for some reason it just feels like its taking forever…

Perhaps it's a simple thing, such as complete a task, or it could be a long term goal such as improve your health, learn to meditate for 30 minutes when you can't do 1 minute, or get your business off the ground.

Perhaps you’re aware that you’re blocking yourself or perhaps it’s all too obvious that others are holding you back or slowing you down.

Regardless, here are my top three tips to help you stay connected to yourself and not lose your connection to self to negativity when it feels like things are just taking too long.

Enlightened Doing Top 3 Tips When It's Taking Too Long

1. Step aside: I know you just want to get it done and that will require time, effort and application. But if it’s not happening right now, you’re out of the flow and regardless of how you force it, you are in the wrong energy stream.

Get yourself out of the bad flow. Then:

2. Take a break: This could be 5 minutes, one week or 1 month. Regardless, you need to refresh yourself. Ask yourself- what can I do to take a break? It could be get up and make a drink, go to the gym, take an early lunch or speak to someone and ask for help.

But before you go on your break, follow the next step:

3. Diarize when you will return to what it is you are trying to do or achieve. This could be after lunch, in the near future or next year.

Regardless, if it is not the very next thing you do, put it in your diary, scheduler or to-do list.

This is important as it is at this time feelings of self-doubt, frustration and general negativity creep in.

Negative energy zaps you and may ultimately steal your dream or stop you from ever achieving your goal.

When you put a date in the diary, you affirm to yourself that you matter; that you can do this and that you will. This is power-packed.

When you return to that future moment to carry out your task, guess what you find? Power and flow.

Better, over time this practice builds self- esteem and shows you that you are your own infinite resource and that this is your life, to be lived your way!

Never be scared or believe yourself to be defeated by stepping out when you're out of flow.

Take that break, diarize when you will return. Stepping into the flow before doing a task means you experience the flow whilst doing, with all the many benefits that brings.

Love Zoe X

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