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Enlightened Doing Part 2: How to Get Moving

Enlightened Doing Part 2: How to Get Moving

There’s an art to living a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

It requires your Being (the experience of having a peaceful connection with your inner self) and doing (getting things done) to mostly live in harmony.

When they do, you and your life flow. You’re happy, perhaps inspired, and daily tasks are carried out quickly, efficiently, creatively and with ease.

Connecting to your being state allows you to enter the Now and as you do, your being and your doing self become one and you become peacefully aligned to all around you. At Heart2Shine we help you cultivate your being self. We also help you cultivate your doing self; and perhaps the biggest difficulty many of you have is bringing the being into the doing.

Enlightened Doing Part 2: How to Get Moving Top 3 Tips


1. Connect with your ‘Being’ self before doing anything! This is crucial.

Step into the Now and align your energy system to balance and harness the feel good power you want to take into your next action.

How do you do this? Stop and breathe: feel the breath in your body and center yourself.

If you have been on one of our Spark Course, connect to the sensation of energy in your hands or magnets on the soles of your feet. If you have learnt any other centering techniques that work for you, do them now.


2. Be crystal clear about what you want to do/achieve before you start: Once you are centered, focus.

Focusing on what you wish to achieve once you are centered, allows your mental energy to gather and project like a laser beam onto the project or ‘thing’ at hand.

If you are not crystal clear about what you need to do, your next step is to make a plan with clear, individual action steps. When you have your plan, re-center yourself as above, and begin your ‘doing’.


3. Engage your ‘doing’ with positive energy.  Don’t bother starting anything unless you are enthusiastic, optimistic or at least neutral, towards what you are about to do. Thoughts are projected energy and if you send out negative ones towards what you are going to do, guess what you’ll find when you start your doing? The feelings of all of those thoughts.

Think about it. You can choose to focus on happiness when you brush your teeth and you brush your teeth well, have a pleasant time and flood your system with positive energy. Or you can brush your teeth with negativity (perhaps resentment) and chances are you will brush less well, won’t have a good time and you will flood your energy system with negativity.

The activity of brushing your teeth remains the same but experience and outcome differ.

Now you may not like what it is you need to do.

Regardless, focus on what is good about doing it- how good will it feel to start/continue/finish/stop procrastinating, etc.

Whatever is positive (or at least neutral) for you to focus on, focus on it.

We all have things to do we don’t want to. That’s life and our experience of being alive.

However, keeping perspective whilst you do, helps maintain a connection to your being; and this is Enlightened Doing.

We know you can do this. And if you doubt yourself, ask us for help.

You can do this!

Zoe X

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