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Enlightened Doing Part 3: Staying on Track

Enlightened Doing Part 3: Staying on Track

Practicing enlightened doing takes time and, like strength training, has a cumulative effect.

Despite your best practice and efforts, at times you may suddenly become aware that there’s been no being in your doing. 

It’s common to miss the shift from enlightened doing to unconscious doing and most people only ‘wake up’ when they are well and truly flooded by negative emotion, feel overwhelmed, out of sorts, notice bad habits or fall ill.

It’s important that when you do wake up, never give yourself a hard time.

All you need to do is step into the right energy stream.

Criticising yourself or feeling disappointed only keeps you in the wrong flow for longer than is needed.

Each time you make it a practice to stop, take a break, return and refocus, you strengthen your mindful muscle and promote positive energetic flow, learn to trust and have faith in yourself.

Enlightened doing promotes feelings of wellness and sends your productivity and creativity through the roof.  We all want this!

Bringing your being into your doing is easier when things are going your way and harder when they’re not.

However by asking yourself a few questions you can help promote more good times, which will boost your practice and make it easier to maintain over the course of your life. 

Two Questions to Help You Stay on Track

 1. Where can I improve my overall sense of wellbeing?

This could be improve your diet, exercise more, take time to do and be with what and who you love, meditate, etc. Trust yourself here- you already know.  Take some time and think about how you can implement some positive, self supporting change to boost your overall wellness.

 2. Specifically, what triggers can I identify right now that are likely to take me out of my flow and into negative states?

Take time here. Ask yourself how you can eliminate or minimize them and always seek help if/where you need help.

Practicing enlightened doing and cultivating an interest in the 'how can I do this better' in life, make an awesome combination that can provide you with a deep and fulfilling life as well as countless opportunities over the course of your lifetime. 

As an energetic being, you are designed for your body, mind and spirit to be aligned.

Life will change; you will change. As you learn to bring mindful muscle to the ups and downs in your life, you will bring more presence, more flow and find new ways to flourish regardless of circumstance.  Now isn’t that a practice worth learning?

Love Zoe X

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