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How to Find Space and Time For You: Part 2

How to Find Space and Time For You Part 2

This blog follows on from Part 1 How to Find Space and Time For You.

Part 1 featured Rachel’s story. 

Part 2 features Constance, George and Debbie’s real life stories, together with and advice for how you CAN create space and find time for you.

How Constance Found Space and Time for Her Dreams

A wonderful friend of mine wanted to set up a business she was passionate about.

This would allow her to work in the community she lives and stop her hour long commute to and from the city.

Setting up her business required her to radically up skill.

She used her weekends and weeknights to train and study. Studying on top of a day in the city and a 2 hour commute, she got tired. And when she did, she wanted to give up.

But she chose to do something else.

Anytime she found herself desperate to give up form over-tiredness, she chose to take the next day off. And on that day, she chose to do whatever it was that would make her feel fantastic. 

We then looked at her day.

It took an hour to drive to work each way. If she switched to public transport it would add 10 minutes each way: something she did not want.

But when we looked at what she could do with an extra 2 hours and 20 minutes a day, it changed everything. Without changing her job, in the working week we found the equivalent of a full day to study, meditate, email her web designer, nap, or make contact with friends and family here and overseas.

Her business is now up and running and she’s fully qualified. She continues to do more courses and is now career transitioning from her city-based job to her business.  

Her life is unrecognisable from 2 years ago and she has discovered hidden depths and strengths inside that previously she had not known existed. She took time and space for herself and made her dream come true.

How George Made Time and Space for Himself

George turned 50. And when he did, he still had the same dream he’d had when he was 18.

At 50, it was time. He was going to follow is dream, leave his well-established career, start a new one, living overseas in a country where he didn't speak the language. George made space to truly ask himself if he really wanted to pursue his dream. The answer was yes. 

So he started by learning the language. 

For one year, George deliberately drove to and from work, learning, listening and speaking his new language. Finding the time and made space to take action, moved his dreams forward.

Today George lives overseas, is happy in his new career and feels truly stoked he realised the dream he’s had ever since he was 18.

How Debbie Found Time and Space to Get Strong

 A wonderful friend recently had devastating news.

She crumbled.

She needed to face the situation but knew she simply wasn’t strong enough.

She needed a recovery plan. So she chose to spend time doing things she loved in order to build  the strength she needed to face what had to be done.

She focused on her health and fitness, lost weight and became much physically stronger. She made more space for friends and family, understanding that they would nurture her by being in their company and receiving their love, support and friendship.

Two months ago she couldn’t contemplate the issues in her life.

But by giving herself space and time to regain her physical and emotional strength and her mental perspective, today she is strong.

Bit by bit, she is getting back on track and making the fundamental life changes to in her and her families life.

As we said in Part 1 of How to Find Space and Time for You, you are a limitless being living in a limited world.

But you can always make space and find time as these real life stories have shown.

Making Space and Time for You Requires Three Things

1. Listen to the whisperings of your heart.

2. Accept that your time and space are limited.

3. Scrupulously examine your life to find out where time and space can be found for you to reach your next level, personal, professional or spiritual.

Whatever your heart is whispering to you, whatever it is that would make you shine, it’s always possible to find a way, IF you give yourself the space and time you need.

You matter. The more time and space you give to you, the better your life will feel.

The better your life feels, the better you feel to those you love around you. And that's the positive feel good cycle we all are after!

Love Zoe X

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