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How to Have Your BEST Christmas Yet!

How to Have the BEST Christmas Yet!

Christmas is nearly here! It a time of heightened emotions: fun, excitement, exhaustion and stress. If you calmly and joyously celebrate Christmas each year, wonderful!

If not, I want to help.

Spending time with loved ones, opening presents, gorging on special foods and favorite treats, relaxing at the beach or with a cold one by the pool is wonderful but stretching yourself thin in order to make it all happen, is not.

There’s a key to making this your best Christmas yet and that’s by remembering to plan and create Christmas Calm.

7 Top Tips to Help You Have the Best Christmas Yet

1. Where do you need to be this Christmas Day and any other day.

Let’s now define what is expected of you on Christmas Day and any other family or friend get together. Capture this now and start creating your to-do list so you can start working on it leisurely.

2. If you’re cooking over Christmas, decide when you are going to create your meal plan and write that time into your diary.

Then schedule a second time to write your grocery list, giving you the ability to easily order in advance.

3. Make a decision on Christmas cards:

Paper, e-cards or non at all?

Once you have made your decision, let’s schedule a time in your diary to create a mailing list within your digital contact list so that next year, Christmas is even easier. If you use a paper-based system, schedule time in your diary to create your list now and transfer that list into whatever paper based system you’re likely to use next year.

4. Similarly, let’s create a Christmas gift list and store it in a custom created contact list in your digital or paper based system. (And relax- next Christmas is already two steps calmer… )

5. Each family thinks about gifts differently.

Some families buy, others don’t. Some surprise, others provide a list.

Let’s identify what your family does now. If your family create lists, identify when you need to get your list by. Regardless of your family’s culture, keep communication open. Dynamics change over time when children are born, grow up or as individual’s ethics or circumstances change.

6. Schedule when you are going to wrap Christmas presents- or shop in stores that offer Christmas gift wrap.

Mark gift wrapping time into your diary now unless you particularly like the midnight wrap session!

7. Give yourself a boost of wellbeing on the run up to Christmas

Whether it’s a massage, facial or walk on the beach. Sustained energy is key. Similarly plan some time for you on Christmas Day, time out or time for champagne. You deserve it!

Christmas can be happiest and the most stressful time of year. So let's get a little more organised, plan for calm and you’ll be better able to sprinkle seasonal good cheer.

Merry Christmas!

Zoe X

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