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Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

What Are You Capable Of?

A couple of years ago I became ill with one virus after another and was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I went from feeling fit and healthy and doing the job I love, to having no energy, constant nausea, aching body and a sore and very muggy head.

When I felt so awful it was difficult at times to ever think I could be fit and healthy again

I simply forgot what I was capable of.

When I first started to improve, other people noticed before I did. 

They noticed that I had more stamina and didn’t need quite so much rest. However, I still had doubts in my mind and was nervous that my symptoms would return. 

I am now completely recovered and grateful in many ways to my period of ill health. Right now I feel the best I have in a long time.

Curiously, I’m also genuinely interested in finding out what I’m capable of physically. I’ve changed my diet, I’m doing yoga and Pilates and enlisted the help of the lovely Maureen Byrne (personal trainer) to put me through my paces!

There’s lots of change in my life.

I am choosing it and I want to explore my own self-imposed limitations.

As my perceptions of who I am changes, I feel amazing- free and liberated.

Have you thought about what you are capable of?

Do you limit yourself with fears and doubts?

I truly recommend digging deep, giving things a try.

Bad things can happen. Don’t ever let them stop you examining who you are and finding out just how strong you can be.

When this seems difficult, please know we can help. And you're worthy of help.


 Shirley X

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