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Want to Fix Your Anxiety? Start Here.

you first May 13, 2022

If you experience anxiety, you probably want to fix anxiety.

But what if nothing’s ‘wrong’?

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re not doctors or psychologists at Heart2Shine. That means we do not treat anxiety.

We help people connect to who they are and create meaningful lives based around what’s inside.

We know many people want to fix their anxiety, believing anxiety is the obstacle in the way of a happier life.  And I understand. In my teens, I wanted to do whatever I could to make it go away.

But what if anxiety isn’t an obstacle? Isn’t the villain preventing you from being happy?

What, instead, if anxiety was a signpost? Or even a simple reaction to a life choice?

Would you still want to fix the anxiety? Or might you want to explore where it’s pointing? Investigate the validity of a life choice?

I’ve happily helped people just like you for 21 years now. I know personally and professionally that anxiety is real, sometimes debilitating, and sometimes triggered by everyday life situations; for example, when you can’t sleep, you must give a presentation, or you drink too much wine.

Regardless, one thing I’d like you to consider is that anxiety acts as an inner demand to get your attention.

If you’re anxiety is debilitating right now, get help. You matter. Life can be so much more than what you’re experiencing right now.

Next time you experience anxiety when you must do something, like present, take your mental health and overall quality of life seriously: consider facing your fears and overcoming self-limitation by learning presentation or speaking skills. You matter. You don’t need to shrink in the face of difficulty. You can overcome.

Next time you wake anxious after too much wine (even if its one glass), take your response seriously: consider not drinking or if you choose to, being kind and calm towards any reaction you have the next day.  You matter. And you don’t need to beat yourself up for feeling bad, even when you chose it or it was your ‘fault’. You can choose differently.

You are more than anxiety. (Not always easy to remember when you’re suffering from anxiety).

Connecting to who you are is powerful.

And anxiety is an inner demand for your attention.

If you want your anxiety to be treated, see your doctor or psychologist. That’s important.

Also consider reframing how you perceive anxiety. Rather than fixing anxiety, try connecting to you too, following the signs and becoming mindful of your choices.

Don’t let yourself suffer. You deserve more than that.

Being connected to you is what ultimately matters. And if anxiety is pointing you towards connecting with yourself more deeply right now, perhaps it’s not the anxiety that needs to be fixed, but a deeper connection to yourself that’s calling to be forged.

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