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What Makes a Good Spiritual Life Coach?

life coaching Jun 15, 2023

What Makes a Good Spiritual Life Coach

A good spiritual life coach possesses several key qualities and skills that contribute to their effectiveness in guiding and supporting individuals on their spiritual journeys. Just as every person is unique, so too is every spiritual life coach. As a spiritual life coach myself, here are some important attributes I suggest you consider:

  1. Deep Understanding of Spirituality: A good spiritual life coach should have a strong foundation of spiritual knowledge and understanding. They should have explored various spiritual paths, traditions, and practices, and have a deep respect for different belief systems. This understanding allows them to offer diverse perspectives and cater to the unique needs of clients. A spiritual life coach should never tell you what your beliefs ought to be. Rather, they should deeply listen, work to understand your belief system, and help you within the framework of what you know and want to explore.
  2. Active Listening and Empathy: Effective spiritual life coaches excel in active listening. They should also ooze with empathy.  Creating a safe, non-judgmental space where you can express yourself freely, is essential. Practicing deep listening, allows spiritual life coach to discern underlying emotions, concerns, and desires. It also encourages an empathic and understanding response from your coach. Important.
  3. Intuition and Insight: A spiritual life coach should have a well-developed intuition and the ability to tap into their own inner wisdom. Sometimes, like me, they can sense subtle energies and pick up on unspoken cues from their clients. This is super helpful and helps guides them toward deeper self-awareness and personal growth. It allows them to ask probing questions, as well as offer insights that facilitate the client's spiritual growth. Ask yourself how important this is for you, when exploring who your spiritual life coach might be. 
  4. Effective Communication Skills: A good spiritual life coach communicates clearly, compassionately, and effectively. They should be able to convey complex spiritual concepts in a relatable manner, adapting their language and approach to the client's level of understanding. They also should ask powerful questions, provide constructive feedback, and offer guidance that resonates with their clients' unique needs. Language should never be a stumbling point. If you don’t understand a word, phrase, or meaning when you are with your coach, you should feel safe enough to ask them to clarify. Spiritual concepts can be difficult to comprehend, particularly if you’re trying to figure out how one might be playing out in your own life right now. You want to feel comfortable raising things that may make you feel vulnerable. On an earthly level, help from me comes with a Scottish accent. I’m in Australia and I work with people from all over the world with a variety of accents. So, I always mention that if there’s ever any time you don’t understand what I’m saying, let me know. (To which I usually hear that I sound like Mrs Doubtfire 😊). Good communication is essential. And feeling safe to ask vulnerable questions or share openly is a must.
  5. Non-Directive Approach: While offering guidance and support, a spiritual life coach understands the importance of empowering clients to make their own choices and follow their own spiritual paths. They should always refrain from imposing their beliefs or judgments on clients and instead help clients explore their own values, beliefs, and goals. This non-directive approach respects individual autonomy and fosters personal and spiritual growth.
  6. Clarity and guidance: Whilst adopting a non-directional approach, a spiritual life coach should also help individuals clarify their goals, values, and priorities. Their work should support their clients to develop a vision for their life and assist them in setting realistic and achievable steps to move forward with or explore. From time to time, they may provide guidance, tools, and techniques that facilitate personal transformation and spiritual development. I specialise in helping spiritually minded people create successful, happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. When an individual faces a block, gets stuck or overwhelmed, I will adopt a more directive approach (i.e., “try this”) at specific times to help people overcome or face their difficulty. Great spiritual growth come from hard time. So, I make sure that if you go through this, we get as much opportunity to learn, understand spiritual principles, and growth as possible. This means I can be very practical. Not all Spiritual Life Coaches get so earthly (or want to). Bear this in mind when you are considering a spiritual life coach.
  7. Support and encouragement: A good spiritual life coach provides emotional support and encouragement. Some, like me, celebrate their clients' achievements and milestones as well as providing reassurance or realignment opportunities during challenging times. This fosters a positive and nurturing environment that allows you to feel supported on their spiritual path. I personally believe that learning to celebrate success is just as spiritually important as learning to face pain. So, with me, we do both.
  8. Accountability: Once a client has defined their spiritual goals (or what they wish to explore), a good spiritual life coach helps clients helps clients stay accountable to those goals. No matter what comes up, a good coach always remembers.Personally, I set people “homework”. This means things to work on or explore between appointments. People do it most of the time. But sometimes, should we be tackling something that is triggering, or wakes up your ego, just turning up to your appointment can feel hard. I get it. There’s a fine line between supporting someone and keeping them accountable. It’s a line I enjoy exploring with my clients. Sometimes you can be on a roll, learning, growing, exploring, then bam, Sometimes, it’s even bam, bam, bam. I always make sure I work to explore any spiritual lessons during these times. This way, you keep growing. Occasionally someone is terrified of starting to work with a spiritual life coach because they are scared about accountability. When you start working with someone, remember that accountability can be like a volume button. Sometimes you need it louder, sometimes quieter. With good communication established you can ask for up or down at any time. If you’ve been putting off starting, don’t. Instead book a call to discuss any concerns you may have. A soft, quiet start is better than no start. You matter. And whatever is nudging you to consider a spiritual life coach, knows it too.
  9. Authenticity and integrity: A good spiritual life coach embodies authenticity. They also operate from a place of deep personal integrity. They are genuine, honest, and transparent in their interactions with clients. In other words, they walk their talk. And that’s important.Sometimes people will ask me, “Do you ever need help, Zoe?” or a version of, “Are you perfect?”. No, I am not. Nor do I have any interest in being perfect. But I am always happy to answer honestly, usually with a helpful, short, real-life story, then immediately return focus to the person I’m with. Questions such as these can take courage to ask, after all. However, the focus of your time with your coach should never be on the spiritual life coach, even if they are the most interesting person, you have ever met. The focus should be on you.  Always.
  10. Boundaries and Ethics: It is essential for a spiritual life coach to maintain clear boundaries and adhere to ethical guidelines. They should respect client confidentiality, maintain professionalism, and refer clients to other professionals when necessary. Always. Most of my new clients come from word of mouth- meaning they know someone who knows me. Sometimes it’s a partner, brother, sister, or best friend, of someone I work with. Regardless, I clearly define what I will and won’t say in the beginning of the first session. I also explain they are free to say whatever they wish to whomever they wish. Should you meet me at an event or in the community, I will never ask or mention something personal. Confidentially is so essential that I suggest you confidently ask any questions or queries you may have, before the first half of your first session with any spiritual life coach. If they are professional, they will not be offended.
  11. Continuous Personal Growth: A spiritual life coach understands the importance of their own personal growth and spiritual development. They engage in ongoing self-reflection, self-care, and self-improvement practices to deepen their own understanding and connection with spirituality. This allows them to bring their best self to the coaching relationship. This doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days. But it does mean they bring their best self to you and your appointments. Remember that the above qualities and skills are not exhaustive. Sometimes the best coach is simply the one you resonate with most. Other times it’s the one you know you need deep down, despite any current inner resistance. Regardless, you are unique. And every spiritual life coach is, too.

This means the relationship you build with your spiritual life coach is a deeply personal one. You matter. And you deserve to find the right spiritual life coach for you.

If you would like more help to find the best one for you, download my free e-book, How to Find the Right Life Coach for You.

Or you may wish to explore other characteristics of great spiritual life coaches here.

Here’s to you, giving yourself whatever it is you need,

Zoe X

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