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Characteristics of a Great Spiritual Life Coach

life coaching Jun 29, 2023

Characteristics of a Great Spiritual Life Coach

After working in the field for 23 years, and witnessing spiritual coaches and mentors come and go, I’m sharing what I believe makes a great spiritual life coach. I hope this helps you find your great spiritual life coach 😊

What are the characteristics of a great spiritual life coach? 

  1.  Walk the Talk

A great spiritual life coach walks their talk. They don’t sit in ivory towers and tell you how beautiful the world is. Like every other human being alive today, they are not immune from pain and hardships. Great spiritual life coaches face pain and hardship and use the tools they give to others to alleviate suffering. They understand the cyclical nature of life, embracing the good and the bad, aligning their life accordingly.  

They understand spirituality practically and build their life accordingly.

  1.  Unafraid of Failure

To achieve mastery, multiple, repetitive failures must first ensue. Great spiritual life coaches are therefore unafraid of failure. And understand the great growth that comes from embracing failure.

  1.  Non-judgmental Attitude

The inevitability of pain and failure means that a great spiritual life coach will never judge you. They also know that you will judge yourself. Therefore, they work to create a safe space where you feel free to explore and express yourself and your spirituality without fear of criticism.

  1.  Empathy

When a spiritual life coach can embrace pain, failure and dedicates their work to alleviating suffering in others, a great well spring of empathy arises. This feels tangible in any great spiritual life coach.

A spiritual life coach should maintain a non-judgmental attitude, accepting and respecting clients' beliefs, values, and experiences.

  1.  Respect the Individual Path

A great spiritual life coach understands that you are here to explore you. Therefore, they never impose their beliefs or personal agenda. Rather they respect you are discovering your truth and how this manifests, is unique to you.

  1.  Adaptability

Understanding you are unique and on your path means every great spiritual life coach is highly adaptable. They can meet an individual wherever they are, in themselves and in their life.

  1.  Go the Distance

When you understand that someone is on their path, exploring their truths, facing hardships, failures and growing as a result, every great spiritual life coach goes the distance. Afterall, there’s no perfect ‘right’, perfect speed, perfect way. There’s only you. And within you lies magnificence. Great spiritual life coaches recognise this. And when magnificence is recognised, a great spiritual life coach will go the distance.

  1.  Understand Coaching Techniques

While spirituality is the focus, you can’t be a “coach” without knowing coaching techniques and principles!

Therefore, great spiritual life coach will use coaching to help you achieve, explore, and uncover as well as ask powerful questions, facilitate goal setting, and help you overcome obstacles. They have a range of tools and strategies to support their clients' personal growth and development.

  1.  Accountability

This means whilst you are exploring meaning and connection, every great spiritual life coach will hold you accountable to what you wish to achieve and explore. Being unafraid, they will kick your butt, remind you of what you want when you forget and work to reconnect you to the magnificence within, regardless of how you show up to your appointments.

  1.  Give their Best

Every great spiritual life coach knows it is an honour to work with you. It takes courage to open up, explore and face yourself. They know this and respect this. So they always give their best.


Working as a spiritual life coach is rewarding. It’s not a job. It’s a vocation. And it’s not always easy. 

Working with a great spiritual life coach is rewarding. Sometimes it is easy. And sometimes feels like hard work.

But the results are truly transformative.

I’ve seen many spiritual life coaches come and go. The above list of key characteristics of great spiritual life coaches is not exhaustive. But hopefully it will help you find a great spiritual life coach for you.

Here’s to you! Perfectly imperfect as we both are 😊 

Zoe X

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