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Plan and Prepare for the Festive Season

Plan and Prepare for the Festive Season  

The festive season is nearly here, giving many people a well-deserved opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves with family, friends.
It also brings opportunity for many women to feel even busier, more overwhelmed and more likely to reach for the Christmas cheer from the bottle as their energy starts to run low.

Some women are choosing to do Christmas differently this year. Instead of stretching themselves to provide the perfect day for everyone else, they’re choosing to stop and think include themselves in the family plan. As well as ensuring everyone else has a great Christmas, they are planning to have a fun and fulfilling Christmas, without sacrificing their sense of wellbeing.

These women are smart and have woken up to the reality many modern women face at this time of year.

Christmas has been named “Stressmas” by some psychologists.

Expectations of having fun, happy family time are at their highest and so too are increased feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness and financial worries. The festive season often means more late nights, more alcohol and more party food. Marry that with the pressure to continue family and cultural Christmas traditions that may not fit modern life (meaning extra work) and “Stressmas” can easily replace Christmas.

How are these smart women reclaiming fun, relaxation and wellbeing for the Christmas break? By getting together with other women who want the same and consciously planning and preparing for the Christmas they want, rather than the Christmas they’re likely to get if nothing changes. Here’s what they are doing:

How Smart Women Plan and Prepare for Festive Season

1. Identifying a family member or friend who also wants to prioritise wellness this festive season.
2. Getting together and asking themselves the following questions:
3. If I don’t change anything this year, what kind of Christmas am I likely to have?
4. Is this what I want?
5. What kind of Christmas do I actually want?
6. Who do I want to be with?
7. What do I want to do?
8. What do I want to eat and drink?
9. How can I ensure everyone has fun?
10. What do I need to put in place to help me stay balanced, healthy and relaxed so I too can enjoy the festive fun?
11. What measures do I need to put in place now to help me achieve this?
12. And lastly, what do I absolutely have to say, “No” to, to help me succeed?

Reclaiming Christmas as a fun and stress-reducing time of the year is possible, but not without a conscious plan as to how to do it. Let’s honour the traditions of the past. Let’s make an effort to be grateful for the family and friends we have in the present. Let’s be there for those we love most, as well as ourselves. Let’s make sure we are one of the smart women and leave the overwhelm, busy-ness and stress of the festive period behind. In fact, let’s swap “Stressmas” for “Wellmas” this Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Here’s to a happy and healthy festive season for all!

Love Zoe & Shirley X

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