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Fill Your Heart This Christmas

How to Fill Your Heart This Christmas (and Celebrate YOU this New Year)

The highs, the lows, the pain, isolation, overwhelm, unexpected joys, fears, breakthroughs and resilience, and whether through tissues, awe, greater understanding or giggles, we've shared it with you. 

If you’re falling into this festive season, how about filling your heart and mind with something else? Something that boosts your sense of self, raises your immune system, deepens your connection to who you are and makes you more fun to be around. Sounds good? It does to us!

Christmas Filled with Love 💕

For Bob Hope, the meaning of Christmas was loving others. You probably agree.  But loving other’s when your heart's not full, can wring you out, even leave you numbed or cold instead of warm and fuzzy (and let’s not mention hard to overcome cycles of guilt that follow).

So how can you fill your heart with love this Christmas so you can feel good AND love others? Try the following:

  1. Make the Decision. Before some of you stop reading, thinking, “Christmas is for my family, it’s not for me,” STOP. Instead, ask yourself HOW can you love yourself whilst you do what you are going to do. For example, Shirley is cooking, and she’s decided that the kitchen is a love only zone. Enter only if you want to share love, sing, probably dance and pour her glass of champagne- otherwise you’re banned. Zoe knows that loving herself this Christmas means having fun. So, it’s games. Bad ones/good ones, it doesn’t matter. Just silliness and fun. For one of you, loving yourself means peaceful time with your partner and without the noise of the greater family. For another its video calling your greater family because physical gatherings aren’t an option for you, and you crave the greater family connection. Regardless, ask yourself, ‘How Can I Love Me?’ this Christmas.
  2. Set the Intention and Visualise Loving Yourself this Christmas. Whatever this means for you this Christmas, spend time setting your intention and visualise your day or period unfolding as you desire.
  3. Prepare Your Boundaries. It’s Christmas. Whether it’s the turkey, your great choice of present that your loved one didn’t like or someone else’s less than loving mood, be prepared. Ask yourself ahead of time, ‘How can I raise my inner love when my inner love levels start to drop, for whatever reason?’ Speak up? Curb the inner critic? Sit down and rest for 10 minutes? Deep breathes? Whatever you arm yourself with, be prepared and act.
  4. Be Mindful of Inner Love Levels Dropping. On the day, regularly check in with yourself. Ask, ‘How’s the love levels?’ When they drop, you know what to do. And if in that moment you don’t, simply breathe and set the intention to raise them once more. Ask, ‘What can I do to raise them in this moment?’ Then act.
  5. Enjoy yourself! You’ve made the decision, you’ve set the intention and visualised, your boundaries are prepared, using the above means you WILL know what to do when levels drop, so GIVE THIS TO YOURSELF! It could be your greatest gift of the year.

New Year Celebration of YOU 🌟

Most of us can’t wait for this year to be over. So, let’s celebrate the end of 2023. But rather than celebrating the close of a year, let’s celebrate you! You made it. Life may have been many things this year, but you are here, you did get through it. Let’s cheer you, boost your self-esteem, your immune system and your connection to self.

How can you CELEBRATE YOU this New Year?

  1. Make a decision to celebrate YOU. If you don't, you won't. And that is a waste.
  2. Define WHAT you want to celebrate. It could be something you achieved in the physical world such as a new job or it could be something intangible and deeply meaningful such as your courage, tenacity, ability to heal, humour or faith.
  3. Ask yourself HOW you want to celebrate. There is no right way here - whilst you can simply raise a toast to you, we’d like to encourage you to go further. Perhaps ask everyone you’ll be with to reflect on what they are proud of and share with the group you’re with. Perhaps you could host a party for one - something Shirley and Zoe do. What kind of party could you host for yourself that would make you feel good? For us it can be bubbles, music, singing, whether to a playlist or Marilyn and Jane in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Shirley sometimes cooks her favourite meal and spends the evening laughing at dumb boy movies (Step Brothers is her favourite). Zoe can indulge in a day-time bath and/or disappear for long lengths of time into other worlds (currently it’s Shadesmar for any fellow fantasy audiobook loving Brandon Sanderson fans). Regardless of what and HOW you want to celebrate, make it happen this year. You deserve that.
  4. On Jan 1st, Journal. Take time and write 2 lists. The first, all that you are proud of having accomplished, experienced or been this year. The second, all that you are grateful for - especially as a result of this year.


Let’s fill our hearts and minds with love this Christmas and let’s celebrate who we are and who we’ve become throughout this last year. This year has been both tough and glorious for many of you. Let’s acknowledge this, feel good, boost our sense of self, our immune system and our connection to who we really are. Let’s acknowledge that this life matters. Because it does. We will be doing that this Christmas and New Year. Then we’ll be back helping you reconnect, feel light and burn bright (although we know sometimes it feels more like just SURVIVE!) in 2024.

With love, always.

Here's to YOU🥂!

Shirley and Zoe X

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