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About Shirley Cumming

Holistic Life Coaching, Healing and Spiritual Development Consults Online and In Person.

For 16 years I’ve helped amazing people:

* Connect with their spirit, and live their life, their way
* Open to their truth and potential
* Live a more energized, healthy, and happy life
* Understand the importance of loving all aspect of themselves, mind, body, and spirit

I love helping people. I’m privileged to be a positive, supportive force in their life, as they achieve the change they want.
We called our company Heart2Shine because we want you to feel good from the inside out. If we can help your heart shines, our heart shines too!

Working with Shirley is simple.

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How can I help you?

Energetic Healing
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Holistic Life Coaching
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How have I helped people?

Hear from those who have worked with Shirley over the years. Here’s what three people say:


I went to see Shirley as a last resort. I was in a lot of pain, suffering from what I thought was arthritis, I had chronic depression, PTSD and was feeling suicidal.  I was in a really bad place and felt there was no hope for me.

During my first session with Shirley she worked with me, helping to release energetic blockages in my body and the tears barely stopped flowing. Over the next few months, I gradually began to feel better and [under my GP’s supervision], I gradually came off all my medication. 

Six years down the line, I still see Shirley regularly.  I’ve never had to go back on my medication and I’m rarely in any pain.  I’m now a Reiki Practitioner  and I’ll be eternally grateful to Shirley for helping me to get my life back

- Carole, UK


My monthly visits to her little hub of light are the highlight of my month. She brings my guides, angels, teacher’s and loved ones through and I get the guidance I need to help me move through any difficult times. It’s like being complete, the feeling is peace, the love of my core within, body and soul are both being healed when the session takes place.

Thankyou guides, angels, teachers’ loved one and most of all thank you, beloved Shirley,

-Dot, UK


I had to wait five months for my first visit with Shirley but it was worth it. 

I was totally depleted physically and mentally and Shirley helped me find the strength to pick up the pieces and learn to help myself recover. 

Gradually, with Shirley’s help, I’m finding my way back to health and happiness with a new appreciation for life.  

Shirley held a great space for me to facilitate change in a way that no one else has managed to do. 

She is warm, effervescent and highly gifted. I highly recommend Shirley Cumming and anyone who is lucky enough to spend time with her will understand why!

-Tracy, UK