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New Year Means New Potential

New Year New Potential

There’s no better time than now to think about your hopes, dreams and goals than at the cusp of a new year.

No matter how great or terrible 2022 was for you, 2023 brings you the opportunity to take the driving seat and get going in the direction of your hopes and dreams, regardless of how close or how far you are from having them.

Everyone has hopes and dreams but not everyone makes them a reality. The difference between the dreamers and the achievers? A meaningful action plan. So instead of wishing your life to be better, let’s purposefully drive your life towards your hopes and dreams and make 2023 your best year of your life yet.

Ready to get started? Then let’s make a plan!

Set aside 45 minutes and ensure you’ll be undisturbed. Grab a pen and paper or your digital device, and let’s get going with 12 simple steps to make this year, your year.

Step 1: List what your hopes, dreams and goals were for 2022.

Step 2: This New Year, have they changed? Answer Yes or No only at this stage.
(They may have! Life circumstances and priorities can change over the course of a year and that’s OK).

Step 3: Capture what worked for you in 2022 (new skills, habits, ways of thinking, etc).

Step 4: Capture why they worked for you. (Your attitude, help from others, etc).

Step 5: Capture what didn’t work for you in 2022.

Step 6: Capture why they didn’t work for you. (Your attitude, circumstances, etc).

Step 7: With a simple Yes or No, honestly ask yourself if you want to continue with your current goals, hopes and dreams, as they were in 2022.

Step 8: If Yes, identify what do you need to do to drive them forward. If No, identify what you would like to focus on instead.

Step 9: Now write down your hopes, dreams and goals for 2023 (even if they’re the same as 2022).

Step 10: In order to achieve this, identify what support, guidance and direction you need to actually make this happen in 2023. (Take your time and be as detailed as you can.)

Step 11: Make a simple step by step plan to move you forward to get the help, support and guidance you need. (Identifying a single next action point is fine).

Step 12: Take your first step towards making this happen. (A single action such as a phone call, is fine).

As you do this exercise don’t criticise or judge yourself. 2023 holds promise and opportunity. You really matter and happiness is down to you. So come on, make the time, plan and this year let's shine!

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Here's to you! Lighter and brighter,

Zoe & Shirley X

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