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New Year Needs a Plan

New Year Needs a Plan

December is the time of year we all start to reflect on our goals we have achieved for the year and the ones we haven’t. What many of us fail to recognize is to achieve our goals, firstly we need to make sure we have a plan in place, not only to recognize and celebrate the milestones we achieve along the way but also to ensure our plan has meaning and purpose.

When you create a plan that has meaning and purpose, you harness the invisible forces of the universe! This is essential if you wish to achieve your goals. Because when you choose a plan without meaning or purpose you create a plan to fail.

Below are key points to help you create a plan that’s backed by the universe!

1. For the New Year to bring a New You, be prepared to take action.

If you’re not prepared to take action, read no further. (If you are prepared, read on) For the New Year to bring a New You, you need to be prepared to take action.  This is important for the Universe to back you, as you’ll find out if you read on.

2. Be positive and optimistic.

Energy flows on the wings of positivity and positivity rides on the back of enthusiasm, hope and optimism. So when your energy drops (and it will as life gives you curve balls) stop and pick your feel good back up, because if you don’t, your plan for the new you at new year will disappear like dust. Its important you get your feel good back and your energy will come up, fuelling you with the energy to move your plan forward.

3. Your plan must revolve around feeling good.

Your plan and anything you want to achieve, must involve, and revolve, around feeling good.  If what you want to achieve doesn’t feel good before you start, it’s not going to feel good when you finish. So stop now and choose something else (otherwise you will fail and so will your energy).

4.  Be kind to yourself and harness your will power, drive and discipline.

Harnessing your will power, drive and discipline is great way to get results.  It’s also important to recognize when you are being unkind to yourself and your drive and discipline starts to turn into a beat, whip and berate yourself sort of action. This type of behavior kills energy and leaves you starting to stagnate and eventually energetically starve. (So learn to harness #3).

5. Feeling good is purpose and meaning in itself!

When you have energy and are in flow the Universe is backing you and moving you and your plan forward.   Feeling good is a state of flow that brings with it increased energy. This is what the universe is based on: flow and energy.

6. Plans that have meaning and purpose are backed by the universe.

Meaning and purpose feels good and plans that have both are backed by the universe.  If you choose to work on something that doesn’t immediately bring your energy up, it doesn’t have meaning for you, therefore you should drop it.  Inner meaning cannot be given from the mind, it has to feel good.  Whatever lifts your energy, has meaning and that’s where the Universe suggests you start. Once you do so, you enter the state of flow, feel better and get results.

They’re also backed by me as I would like to give you a plan. I believe in you feeling good. I believe in your ability to create a better, happier life for yourself. I believe in you and this plan will back you. Click, enter your details and it’s yours.

Purpose and meaning  feels good. Plans to feel good and bring more purpose and meaning into your life are always backed by the Universe.

They’re also backed by me 

I’d like to gift you a plan. I believe in you feeling good. I believe in your ability to create a better, happier life for yourself. I believe in you and this plan will back you. Click, enter your details and it’s yours.

I’d also like you to know that Heart2Shine’s Spark! The Power is Within shows you how to feel good and gives you an easy to use targeted tool box that can help you pivot from feeling bad and move you to feeling good.

Happy New Year. Your new year needs a plan so you can shine brighter this year than you’ve ever done before!

Love Zoe X

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