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How to Stay In-Tune with What You Need

How to Stay In-Tune with What You Need

Since writing How to Find Space for You and Enlightened Doing, blog series, many of you have since asked how you too can ‘tune in’ to yourself, learn to ‘back yourself’, listen to your own needs, keep listening to your own needs and give yourself what you need. You also have been asking how I do it.

Let’s break it down and then I’ll tell you how I do it.

Being in-Tune with Yourself

What does that mean?

It means being aware of your moment-to-moment and overall needs.

These aren’t just physical needs but also mental, emotional and spiritual.

Over the years I’ve learned to become, and more importantly STAY in tune with myself.

For me it’s part of being aware and simply responding to my inner, outer and deeper needs. These needs are ever changing (we are oscillating energy beings after all) and simply are.

To help you, I’ve broken down what I do and equally as importantly, what I’ve stopped doing.

My system is different from yours so the ‘what’ my system needs will be different from many of yours.

The behaviours, however, may be suitable for you to try or at least inspire you to discover some of your own.

Staying In-Tune with What You Need Requires Three Things

1. Listen to your system– body, mind and spirit.

2. Once you recognise what you need to retreat and re-charge, communicate my needs clearly to others.

3. Physically carve out the time– phone off, events rescheduled, day-to-day life on pause.

Being in tune with yourself, means you're aware of the ever-changing needs of your body, mind and spirit.

I’ve learned to listen and this is something I know you can learn too.

Sometimes I’m aware I need to recharge my body.

During these times I’ll switch my focus to whatever it is I need: more rest, less rest, more exercise, more raw food, less raw food and more steak.

My body, like yours, is constantly changing.

What it needs, it needs, however inconvenient that may be when I’m well absorbed in a project or looking forward to a great social event.

Sometimes I need to mentally retreat.

I learned to meditate at 18 and readily welcome stillness, peace and solitude. So, for me, mental retreat means more meditation and choosing silence- silence, for me, is like liquid freedom from demands, needs and wants of work, others and the general goings on in the physical world around me.

Sometimes I need to spiritually retreat.

A lot of people don’t really know what this means for them and certainly is different for everyone.

For me this usually manifests and a sense of feeling energetically saturated.

I love what I do and am often asked how I cope doing what I’m doing.

I work to ensure I’m present in my work so when the saturation starts to creep in, I take time out immediately.

Going out into the bush, feeling the sun on my skin or the breeze in my hair at the beach, is usually enough to help me discharge a build up of energy.

Other times I instinctively know I need to escape altogether and so choose the different worlds and realities the Arts offers.

I can literally feel myself ping back into spiritual strength and this is wonderful.

What I’ve learned to stop doing:

1. Being inconvenienced by my needs.

2. Judging my needs.

3. Mentally deciding that “little me” (my ego) knows more/best than big me (signals from my Being).

You will be different from me in what you need.

However, you're also similar in the fact that sometimes you will need a physical, mental and spiritual break from day to day life and responsibilities. By paying attention the actioning your own needs, that's how you stay in-tune with what you need. 

Love Zoe X

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