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Why It’s Important to Ask Yourself 'WHY'

Why It’s Important to Ask Yourself WHY

Whether you’re doing a project or busy living your life, it’s important to stop and ask yourself, “WHY?”. Why are you doing it?

Why is WHY important?

As a nation we are busier and more stressed than ever before. Many people experience weeks that melt into months and years that flow by faster than ever before. Life is finite. Yet many of us are so busy being busy that we don’t take a moment to check in with the most important asset we’ll ever have: our life.

We all want to get to the end of our life and feel good about the life we lived rather than regretting the life we didn’t.

Taking time to stop and ask yourself “why” gives you an opportunity to stop and assess your life and how you are feeling. Doing so grants you a greater opportunity to appreciate the good parts, tweak the parts that aren’t working so well or give it an overhaul.

It’s also incredibly beneficial. Feeling good about the life you live, creates happiness and promotes health. Feeling like your life has meaning and purpose improves your experience of peace, harmony and wellbeing.

Asking “why” before you start something such as a project, activity or chore allows you to manage your second most precious asset: your time. Busy being busy doesn’t mean you are being productive and can be exhausting. No-one likes feeling like a hamster in the wheel. Taking to time to assess “why” you are doing it, gives you the chance to stop and ensure that what you spend your time on, is meaningful; both personally and to what you are trying to accomplish.

Feeling good about how you spend your time boosts productivity, feelings of accomplishment and can leave you with both more energy and more time at the end of the day for you enjoy doing whatever it is that makes you feel most alive.

How to Ask “Why”

“Why” is a question equally applicable to your sense of life purpose as well as why you may find yourself standing, door open, at the fridge.

Asking the question is all about the answer and the feeling that accompanies that answer. Busy being busy, often means we ignore that voice and how you are genuinely feeling about the big and the little things.

Sometimes when you ask the question, the answer is obvious and at other times it can be surprising. However, pay particular attention to the feeling that arises with the answer. Your feeling may be complimentary or contrasting you to your answer.

For example, asking “why” when at the fridge may highlight the fact you’re hungry. But if you’re full, you may realise you feel distracted or in avoidance.

Asking “why” before you marry may make your heart sing with the answer. Or it may fill you with reticence or doubt with the answer.

Big or small, complimentary or contrasting, asking “why” gives you choice; choice which you can use to create meaning and more purposeful doing. This is your life. Let’s value you and spend less precious time busy and more feeling good!

*This article originally appeared in the May 18 issue of Peninsula Living and North Shore Living.

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