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What to Do When You Feel Disappointed

What to Do When You Feel Disappointed

Sometimes when we have been honest enough to ask ourselves how we are, we become disappointed with our own truth. This can be hard. It also can often be the reason we didn’t want to know the truth in the first place!

Learning to become comfortable with the disappointment is the only way we can ever let go of it.

Ignoring disappointment locks us to the energy of it- we may get temporary relief by filling our mind with different thoughts but the feeling is always there.

In many of the other posts, I suggest you allow yourself to feel that which is moving through you.

Today I suggest that when you find yourself disappointed in yourself, another or a situation, allow yourself to relax with it, let it be.

Feel the disappointment without resistance.

If, after feeling it, you find yourself unable to move out of that state of being, it’s likely you have become stuck in your mind and you may need help to get you out of the stuck state.

If this is the case, seek help from another outside of the situation who can help you see, find or reassure you of other options.

This will help you out of the mental maze you may have become stuck in.

Disappointment acknowledged and felt, leads to better feeling states of being- and you very much deserve that.

Love Zoe X

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