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What Inspires Shirley

I’ve discovered something about myself recently that wiped out a great big lie that I’ve told myself for a long time. In the past I told myself that I was the sort of person who likes indoors, parties, to always be presentable in a make-up and high heel way. What I’ve come to realize is I love nature, the outdoors, in all weathers and life for me is better is outdoor gear with rain and wind howling in my face.

Where previously I gave myself little room to experience different and new things, now I’m prepared to give myself everything and anything I might like. Things started to change for me over the last five years when I began to give myself more room to think differently. By giving myself opportunities to try different things my thoughts about what I think I can do have exploded.

 I’ve just enjoyed a lovely break at Loch Lomond- a place full of inspiration if ever I saw it. Our lodge was on the banks of the Loch and the changing views between morning, afternoon and night were so different I felt I was in a completely different place with every change. The energy of the area is fantastic- I felt transported to another time and space.

I found myself connecting with the trees, animals and plants and when I was doing that I felt so free- almost invincible- as though noting else existed and nothing in the world could touch me negatively. I was electric!!!

It wiped away every constrictive thought I had and made me think that all things were possible; looking at plants and trees surviving in the most impossible of situations yet thriving and growing strong. I walked to the top of trails looking out over the surrounding countryside and seeing the beauty of it as if for the first time, it was awesome.

I’m completely different to how I was a decade ago. By opening my mind and giving myself room to manoeuvre with the stories I’ve told myself, I’ve invited more and more of the good stuff into my life and I have honestly never been happier and healthier. Inspiration for me is all of this: giving myself freedom to do whatever I want and be whoever I want to be and knowing that nothing is impossible.

If you need help to learn to be freer with yourself or feel inspired, Heart2Shine can help. This world is amazing and I believe you too can experience this.

Love Shirley X

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