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Trust, Truth and Understanding

Trust, Truth and Understanding

Trust- sometimes we may not wish to see, know and especially feel, what is happening to us; the currents running through our lives, the thoughts we hide from and the deeper feelings hidden below. We may hide them from view, shore ourselves up and absorb ourselves in something else. But this is not living a truthful life and and no matter how we hide or where we absorb ourselves, what we’ve buried stays within.

So how do you move on from what is or has happened and how you feel about it?

How You Can Trust

Trust that there is a part of you that is pure, eternal and worthy of love, even if you do not fully experience it. Take this concept and apply it, allowing yourself to see and feel the currents and facets of your life as they are, even though this may be painful.

As you allow this to be, you will begin to gain some understanding of what really  happened and how you truly feel. Then let yourself rest.

You are not defined by your mistakes or by your victories, but by your faith and trust in yourself and the higher powers that surround you.

1+1+1 can give you what you really want- personal truth. You may not be perfect but understanding this, truly understanding this, gives you personal freedom and spiritual liberation.

Trust in yourself and you can set yourself free.

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