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The Mind Can Be Crazy - A Poem

The Mind Can Be Crazy

We received this wonderful poem from a fabulous woman who is currently working very hard to overcome her anxiety. Turning struggle into art takes courage and is always fabulously therapeutic. We hope you love it and can take time to turn your life’s lemons into lemonade just as she has.

Enjoy! X

The mind can be crazy
And can cause us some distress
It may be low mood or depression
Or like me an anxiety mess!

Our thoughts go over and over
And often we are not aware
So we can start to become more conscious
To acknowledge these thoughts are there

Its no easy task
To start to release negative mind chatter
But there are techniques and tips
To help and show you truly matter

The true you most beautiful
That’s there deep inside
The diamond, the love
That the worried mind only hides

Don’t try to control or judge ure thoughts
Or focus that just makes them grow
Just acknowledge accept and
Ask the to gently onward flow

Flow on by on a river or cloud
Or challenge as in CBT we are taught
Its just your ego speaking
Or choose a nicer thought

If like me there is a fear
Of often feeling stuck
Remember healthy food and exercise
Can begin to break up the muck!

Try to find an activity
To help refocus your mind
For some its arts and puzzles
Gardening, music what can you find!

Try grounding an energy skill
Take energy into hands, legs and feet
Stomping or star jumps
From the head take away the heat!

Self compassion and gratitude can ease
As can focus on beautiful things
Try not to always rush ahead
Back to present more  peace this brings

Put your hand on your heart
Ask your soul to gently guide
Ask for love, ease and peace
Be on your own amazing side

Deep breathes and meditation can lessen
A mind that’s racing and fast
And help connect with our inner knowing
And gently release fear from the past

Any symptoms or discomfort you feel
Try to accept, relax and release
Our bodies are always trying to rebalance
Again this helps bring more peace

Onward on your  journey
Keep going little steps at a time
Ask your angels and guides to help
Empower you and things will work out fine.

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