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Six Steps to Greatness: How to Identify Yours

Six Steps to Greatness: How to Identify Yours 

Just like fingerprints, everyone is unique. No two people have the same gifts, skills and ways of perceiving the world. Your greatness is uniquely yours and it naturally rises when your being self (who you are deep down on the inside) free flows into your doing self (what you do). When united, you experience flow and flow means more feel good, contentment, improved sense of self and even a boost to your immune system. This makes your point of greatness something very worthwhile exploring, no matter what age you are.

Greatness is in Everyone (and Everything)

Most people confuse greatness with recognition. Greatness, arising as a seamless, meaningful flow into what you do, can mean worldly recognition for a few such as Gandhi, Steve Jobs or JK Rowling. However, don’t rely on worldly recognition to affirm whether you are great or not. Delicious sandwiches are not given Nobel prizes. As a field, greatness in art is widely recognized but even so Vincent Van Gough died without selling a single painting whilst alive and his paintings are now worth millions. Whether what you do is deemed trivial or significant by the world, tap into it anyway. Recognized or not, you can give yourself a feel good boost, regardless of what the world thinks.

How Do You Know What You Are Great At?

If you don’t believe you are great at anything, there are a number of questions you can ask yourself to help explore your own point of greatness:

1. What do you enjoy doing?

2. What motivates you?

3. What do others say you are great at?

4. What can you lose track of time whilst doing?

Once you have answered the above, ask:

5. How can you give yourself more of it?

Your unique greatness may become present in your career, at home, with your children or in your hobbies. As no point of greatness is any better than another, don’t judge yours as lesser than anyone else’s: that will only bring you down and defeat the purpose of this exercise. The answers to the above need not mean a career change (although in some cases it might). It may mean allocating more time by spending less time doing other things you’re not great at and aren’t necessarily important. Lastly ask yourself:

6. Does anything stop me from doing more?

Answer this honestly and make sure you consider self-judgment and lack of confidence.

Use the answers above to point you in the direction of where your greatness lies and give yourself the gift of flowing with it. You are as unique as your fingerprints and no-one does or perceives life quite like you. You are never too old nor too young to tap into your own flow and experience your own greatness, however big or small. Connecting to it, however it arises, is life affirming.

Give yourself the gift of your own greatness and receive the boost to your sense of self and wellbeing that you deserve.

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