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Shirley’s Rebirth After a Strong Decision

Shirley’s Rebirth

For me this life has been about recognizing parts of myself that I kept so well hidden that I genuinely never knew they existed! I enjoy exploring this and at times it feels like I’m re- birthing every 5mins!

There have been times that I have chosen fresh starts and times when they have happened against my will. What I have noticed, however, is that when I made the big decisions and chose the toughest challenges, the biggest rewards came my way, sometimes automatically.

Once of those times was when I made the decision to give up my very enjoyable and salaried job on reception at a private GP clinic to become the therapist I am today.

This choice was tough for me as I had never given up something I knew I loved for something that was a calling in my heart. 

It wasn’t just tough for me but also for my family; change is such an emotive thing and everyone has his or her own story of what is right and wrong.

However, I love helping people and ultimately it was this, my passion, helped me push though and start my new and very career.

So I made what we call a strong decision.

At that point in my life, ‘strong and confident’ were not two words I would have used to describe myself. It took a lot of determination to make my life changing decision.

I’m eternally grateful for having done it. It is an absolute privilege to be able to earn my living doing I love; helping people is living my dream.

Making strong decisions has made me far stronger and more confident in who I am and this makes choosing change or new experience much easier now.

The same thing is true for many of you; you often have to look at the difficult areas of your life and consider changing aspects of it so you too can live a better, more fulfilling life.

All of us need to continually assess ourselves and our lives, if we want to live and happy and enjoyable life. All of us always have the capacity to choose change, and each time we choose what is right for us we get stronger and more confident; thus the process is easier the next time it comes a round.

Be open to looking at your life; be open to ways of changing your life; get help where you need it and remember, this is YOUR life- no-one else's.

Live it your best way.

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