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Refresh Your Life - 7 Tips to Show You How

Refresh Your Life

Just like the seasons of the earth, we also move through cycles. When you feel like it’s time to start again, get refreshed and feel revitalised, it’s like moving into Spring.

Here’s our top 7 tips to help you refresh your life.

1. Start by identifying what it is you need to let go of

To make room for the new we start by getting rid of the old. Gardeners understand that a good prune creates future flourish and this is often done in Winter.  Most people consciously or unconsciously cling to something that is energetically dead. This zaps your energy field and keeps you tied and/or hindered to aspects of the past. So let’s prune…  

Set aside 15 minutes and capture your answer to the question in top tip 2. If you need a break after question 2, take it. Otherwise move straight onto top tip 3.

2. Ask yourself the following question: 

What is holding me back in my life?

3. Create your action plan

Now you have identified where you need to prune, where do you want to prune first? What will you need? How will you do it? Realistically, what support do you need to put in place in order for you to succeed? If you find any of this difficult, ask for help. As the saying goes, the person who fails to plan, plans to fail…

4. Meditate

Meditation helps clear your mind, clarifies your thought, relaxes and heals your body. It also helps you to tap into your energy field and promotes greater energetic flow. Feeling fresh is the feeling of revitalised energetic flow. A regular meditation practice can help give you this.

5. Get moving

No matter how fit you currently are (or aren’t), moving your body is an intrinsic part to restarting your system. There are no ways round this. How you decide to move is down to you. Taking the stairs at work, going for a walk, going to a fitness class or hiring a personal trainer: all of this moves you physically, stimulates energy flow and thus moves you metaphysically forward. Move = flow. Remember to always consult your GP before starting any new fitness programme.

6. Get up again

Getting up = go. Now matter how good your plan is, how much you meditate, move and work to be a ‘good’ person, leading a ‘good’ life, you are likely to trip up and fall at times. Sometimes you might even be pushed. This is the nature of our world. Learning to get up and get moving again is essential if you wish to flourish. If you’re currently unsure if you can get up, get help. Ask yourself, what is it you need? Truly living is not the same as existing and those who really live understand the need to simply keep getting back up. Wounds heal, sometimes by themselves and sometimes by getting the right professional help at the right time. Getting up is a practice; learn to make it yours.

7. Breathe

Every breath you take is a fresh breath. Every breath can be a fresh start. As a human you automatically breath and this sustains your life. You can also consciously breathe to bring yourself back to the present moment. This will still your mind and re-align your energy system to the here and now. Effectively, your restart button is only ever one breath away. Practice utilising your breath in everyday life. It really is amazing how something so natural, so instinctive is also so incredibly effective.

Give yourself whatever input you feel you need to get that little bit more strength and conviction.

This is your life. Live it your best way and shine.

Zoe X

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