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Are You Ready to Master Meditation?

Ready to Master Meditation?

Do you want to master meditation? Mastery in anything starts with learning the skill. But learning a skill does not create a master.

Mastery comes from repetition of that skill. But repetition of that skill does not create a master.

Mastery takes time.

The skill needs to be repeated over time.

But time does not create the master.

What You Need to Master Meditation

The last ingredient that needs to be added to the skill/repetition/time mix is DEDICATION.

Dedication is the ingredient that you need to bring if you want to master anything, including meditation. 

Dedication is what lifts any skill, through repeated use, into the realms of the master.

As a meditation teacher and have taught people how to meditate for over 10 years. I love it.

I love to help people master meditation, even more. 

At its core, meditation is simple. All you need is a technique. 

Even if mediation has not worked for you in the past, with my teachings and guidance you will learn to overcome the difficulties commonly experienced when you start to meditate.

During the course, you will learn what meditation is, what it’s not and how to meditate using the best techniques suited to you as an individual.

The hard part is ‘dedication.’  Dedication is the key ingredient to mastering anything especially mediation.  So why not get started and dedicate yourself to one of my 6 week beginners meditation courses.

My 6 week Level 1 Meditation Course

Learn to mediate in a supportive, comfortable and structured environment, it’s a practical course so you enjoy the benefits meditation has to offer instantly.

If you want to master meditation, you will need to practice meditation regularly. To help you do that I also offer level 2 meditation courses as well as monthly meditation catch ups to support you and keep your dedication high.

I’m here to support, encourage and help you master meditation.

Level 1 6 week course costs $195 and includes a course book, audio download to help you establish a successful home practice and access to a private Facebook group where we can discuss how you’re going and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Class numbers are limited to help provide you with a personalised learning experience.

Here’s to the Aspiring Masters! 

Love Zoe X

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