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Pain and Discomfort in the Body

Pain and Discomfort in the Body

Pain and discomfort in the body is an internal alarm mechanism designed to tell us that something is wrong. It’s well established that mindfulness practices help, yet when experiencing pain or discomfort in their body, many people become able to only focus on the pain and what’s wrong that it fills their entire consciousness and hinders the mindful process.

What You Can Do Next Time You Feel Pain and Discomfort in the Body

Next time you experience pain or discomfort in your body, try “watching it”. What do I mean?

Stop what you are doing, sit or lie down and use your mind to observe the sensations of your discomfort. Become aware of the rise and fall of the levels of discomfort. Become aware of your ability to feel the discomfort and observe it at the same time.

Their are many advantages to doing so. Firstly, by being aware of the discomfort and your ability to observe the discomfort, your mind is unable to focus solely on the discomfort. This has the effect to lessen the discomfort.

Secondly, over time, you will begin to understand that you are something more than the physical discomfort in your physical body. This will have the effect of freeing your sense of self from whatever condition your body is currently in- this is liberating!

Thirdly, and perhaps ironically, you will actually raise your awareness of the needs of your physical body by learning to observe pain and discomfort rather than identify with its very immediate needs. This will mean you are more likely to explore ways to improve your overall health and well being. This can only ever be a good thing…

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