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What’s Your Message for the Day?

What’s Your Message for the Day?

Today is here and we’re both in it. What’s your message for this day? Do you have one? Or will you wait and see what they day brings you?

You have a choice: you can decide what kind of day to have today and have it- at least mostly- or wait and see what the day gives you.

Choose Your Message for the Day

I’m choosing to have a fun day today. Why? Because it feels good and better than anything else I can conceive for today. I also didn’t sleep well last night. Being tired means that if I don’t set an intention, I’ll experience that tiredness all day and I don’t want that.

My decision this morning has already focused my energy and this energy now flows into all I do today. Not everything that happens will be particularly fun but I can choose to respond with humour.

Intention for the Day

Some people do not set an intention for their day; they feel it’s not how life works and that it’s more ‘realistic’ to get on with life’s ups and downs; others are fearful that intentions may not won’t work so they don’t really try. What they don’t realise is that whatever mood and energy they woke and left the house with, is likely to be their default for the day. This is great when you had a great sleep, sweet dreams and left the house whistling for work but not great if they didn’t.

Setting an intention for the day is about more than just deciding to have a fun/productive/happy day. Ultimately it means that you don’t need to be a passenger in life.

So why not decide what you want from the day and make a decision to have it.

You will or you will not get it- the unexpected is part of this experience we call living after all!

However, making a decision and setting an intention puts you into the drivers seat and out of the passenger side.

Life is random; it’s also miraculous. It contains all of everything and everything of nothing. So what would you like from today? Why not make a choice? I’m choosing some fun…

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