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Make Time for a Loved One

Make Time for a Loved One

Death will affect everyone at some point- it’s an inevitable fact of life.

My mother-in-law recently died after becoming ill and then hospitalised. It was sad and also interesting as the family moved from everyday life into bubble of hospital visits and all of the emotional highs and lows that come with illness, death and arranging funerals.

I watched the rest of the word still make it’s daily turn, seemingly unchanged.  No-one knew what we were going through and if we passed someone in the street, or spoke in passing, they wouldn’t have known the bubble we were in.

Make Time

You could become angry or sad because of that but death will affect everyone, including you.  So maybe its worthwhile taking time with the people we do appreciate- make time for them, listen to their hopes and dreams and generally just be interested in who they are.

I’m very happy that I knew and loved my mother-in-law. For over 30 years, I experienced her cleverness, humour and kindness. All to often however, I see the effects of people not taking the time to appreciate their loved ones.

Remember life style is a choice. If you might like to spend a little quality time with someone you love, think about how you can do it.

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