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Love is Eternal: Reflections on My Mother’s Death

Love is Eternal

As many of you know, I work with people to help them heal and sometimes that healing comes from re-establishing contact with loved ones who have passed over.

Last week I asked Zoe to do the same for me.

My Mum Josephine died peacefully on Sunday 28th April.

Her funeral is tomorrow Tuesday 6th May and it’s a very strange feeling knowing that I will never hear her voice or laughter again, share a hug or a kiss.

My Mum's Demise

Mum had a condition called COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which meant her lungs and heart slowly weakened and failed. My Mum was a true fighter and lived probably for a decade longer than any of her doctors’ thought she would.

As her condition worsened, she slowly became less like the Mum who had raised me.

She had a massively strong personality, was defined in many ways by her personal habits, rituals and outspoken sense of what was right and wrong as she saw it.

Yet over time, these facets of her personality seemed to fall away.

The change was slow but quickened in the last year of her life. I marveled as her pride and strong opinions didn’t matter as much to her and she didn’t seem to process life and life events in the same way.

The Eternal Josephine

As I watched what we all had thought of as “Josephine” fall away, her true essence, the real Josephine, was born.

New Josie kept old Josie’s wicked sense of humour. New Josie was beautiful: she glowed, was more outwardly loving, and was at peace.

I witnessed this in awe, in some ways watching her become childlike in her innocence, sense of fun and wonder of what was going on around her. I watched her be born again in her final stages, weeks and months of life.

In some ways what I do for a living does make the loss of my Mum easier.

I know my Mum is with those that love her, her physical pain has gone, she’s complete again without worries or fears, prejudices or opinions.  She is fully and wholeheartedly her essence, her true self, once more. However the pain and loss for those who remain is very real, painful and heart breaking, including me.

Doing what I do means I face death everyday.

I’m not frightened of it; I’m at peace with process of it and, contrary to what some people think, this makes me appreciate being alive even more.

Death is an inevitable part of living.

What’s truly a joy is to be able to experience life with all its ups and downs. You can fully experience everything life has to offer you if you’re willing to accept the challenge that these ups and downs bring.

I lived a very different life from my Mum. I’m a very different person from my Mum. However my Mum’s life has shown me that no matter what life offers you, it’s up to you to simply either accept it or decline it. It’s very simple.

Love is Eternal

We are eternal beings. We never die, just evolve, and this I get proof of everyday with the messages and connection I receive from Spirit.

I loved my Mum deeply and will continue to love her. I know she loves me and continues to love me and I know that all of us are eternally connected.  

You are too.

Let’s take this knowledge- love never dies- and let’s celebrate life with all its vagaries, highs and lows. Let’s even do something scary: let’s all live a bit more.

After all, the funeral director is waiting for us all.

Love Shirley X

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