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How to Let Go of Heavy Burdens

Let Go of Heavy Burdens

Sometimes it feels as if you are carrying heavy weights and heavy burdens. Energetically then physically you start to begin to feel heavy, sluggish, serious.

Regardless of what it is that makes you feel heavy or burdened, it is in your best interest to put the burden down. This does not mean take the issue or event lightly. Nor does it mean hide from your reality and your responsibility. What it does mean is try to let it be.

Now this isn’t always easy- heaviness can bring with it a feeling of impending negativity, dread or doom that can feel impossible to mentally escape from.

However heavy or even justified burdens can be, they zap your energies, your vitality and your mind/body/spirit’s ability to maintain personal balance. Right at the time you may need your energy to be able to cope.

So how do you let go of heavy burdens and let it be?

Recognise that although the situation may be heavy and serious and life may feel like it’s heading in a wrong/bad direction, ask yourself which is the better way for you to cope with it- lighter and clearer in your thinking? Or more seriously and with less energy?

The reality of the heavy burden will be the same no matter which you you bring to it. The experience, however, is totally different…

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