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Leaving the Building Without Leaving the Room

life coaching May 23, 2017

Leaving the Building Without Leaving the Room

A person came to consult with me and said she needed help.

Her life was busy, her overall health was letting her down, she had ‘so much on’ and she didn’t know where to start.

Nothing, even her relationships with her loving family, were bringing her any joy.

She spoke at length about what wasn’t right and with fifteen minutes before our time was up, she left.

I’m not talking physically: she sat in the chair for those last fifteen minutes- but mentally and energetically she had left the building without leaving the room.

We discussed this. She said she had so much to do after our time and was shocked to know I knew she had left the building without leaving the room.

This lovely lady was lucky that her health had started to deteriorate. I say ‘lucky’ as that was the prompt she needed to pause and add ‘finding help’ to her never ending busy-ness that she needed.

She had been living this way for years. How many others, she wondered, also felt her leave them whilst she was still in their presence?

Sometimes we need a gentle nudge and at other times a neon flashing sign before we pause and recognise that we need help.

If you took time to pause today, what part of your life could benefit from getting help? Rebalancing your inner life? Organising your outer life? Creating more fulfilling relationships? Being able to be more present? Clearing your clothes?

Wherever you are right now, why not pause and ask a little question that can help open a life of deeper happiness.

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