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How to Strengthen the Relationship with the Women in Your Life

How to Strengthen the Relationship with the Women in Your Life

Women make up over 50 % of the population. Whether we’re mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, fiancées, partners, best friends, colleagues or helpers, women make a great support system and are frequently the glue in your life.

Honouring the women in your life, and keeping these relationships strong, is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. 

4 ways to help you honour and strengthen your relationships with the most important women in your life.


  1. Women are often taken for granted; not just in their personal life but also in their career.  According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, many women are working part-time in low paid industries. The average Australian woman needs to work an extra 66 days a year to earn as much as the average man. Women are also the carers- for children, partners, parents, friends and the home. Show the women in your life that you appreciate them! You can do this in many ways; by saying thank you, telling them you appreciate them or simply offering to cook dinner, make a cup of tea or giving a thoughtful surprise.


  1. Really listen. According to research from the University of California, on average women speak 20,000 words a day and men 7,000. Speaking and listening are two-sided. Listening is not waiting to speak. It requires focus. Focus on listening and if you find this hard, learn to meditate to clear your mind. If you don’t, the other person may find you uninteresting, self-absorbed and even a bit of a bore. Rule of thumb: you have 1 mouth 2 ears- use proportionally.


  1. Say what you mean. If you want to ask something, be explicit. For example, “I fancy going out for dinner this weekend,” is NOT the same as “On Saturday do you want to go to our favourite restaurant xxx at 7.30 pm? If you’d like that I’ll book.” Being explicit means nothing gets lost in translation. Men- no laughing here- we need your support! When something isn’t explicit, you can ask the following questions. “What are you asking?”, “When are you thinking?”, “Is there a specific way you want me to do this?” Those three questions help clear communication and understanding. (It also saves a lot of aggro when women feel they are not listened too when really it's down to poor communication.)


  1. Women Be Yourself. Every one of us has different strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams and genetic makeups. Just because someone wants to do something differently, doesn’t make them wrong. Every human alive wants to be loved and accepted for being themself. Whether male or female, if you give the gift of freedom and self-definition to the women in your life, you will benefit by receiving more love, more kindness and more appreciation for all the thing you do. This will enrich your world beyond measure.

Women are often the family rock. It’s great to feel like we rock!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, let’s strengthen those meaningful relationships the magnificent women you love and admire. We’ll all benefit!

*This article originally appeared in the March 17 issue of Peninsula Living and North Shore Living.

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