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How to Truly Love Your Body

How to Love Your Body

Love your body- a lot has been written about and spoken about on this subject.

Do you love your body? Respect it’s needs and make choices to honour those needs?

Or do you tell it what it needs: how it should look, how it should feel, what it should be able to cope with and impose those mental opinions onto your body?

To Love Your Body You Need to Be In It

Being able to love your body requires you firstly to be in it; to feel it, to take time to listen to it, to give it what it needs.

Your body, like mine, is a miraculous vehicle that facilitates your life on this planet. It wasn’t designed to eat junk food and to do no exercise. You know this and understand that this is not a way to love your body.

Equally, however, dictating how your body should and shouldn’t be (no matter how much you feed it super-foods and give it exercise) is not love and respect either. Often it’s well meaning, self imposed warfare that creates an even greater schism between you and your body.

Truly Love Your Body

To truly love your body, take time to feel how it feels. This is easy to do.

Quieten the mind, and ask it how it is- become aware of parts of it and then it in its entirety.

Your body communicates it’s needs via feelings and/or spontaneous thoughts: the urge for water, a breath of fresh air, a run or a rest.

Giving your body what it needs is loving your body. In return you get to feel the love your body has for the experience of living and this feels good.

If you do not listen to it, it will begin to shout, and when it does you will experience this via mental, emotional and physical symptoms. No-one wants that.

So to love your body firstly be in it.

Secondly give it what it needs. It’s not a machine that keep going without being nurtured and nor are you.

So whether you have symptoms or not, stop and listen to your body today.

If you honestly feel and/or believe that you cannot connect to your body get professional help that will help you open up the channels for self dialogue. And if think you might be actively punishing your body (or have a strong desire to) please get psychological help urgently.

Greater levels of harmony between body, mind and spirit, will be a welcome result.

You matter. And so does your body. It's the cellular vehicle that gives you life. And that is a beautiful thing.

Zoe X

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