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How to Lead A More Inspired Life

How to Lead an Inspired Life

Inspiration feels divine. It’s a state of infinite possibilities, connects you to yourself, to the world around you and is simply the very best energy you can ever learn to cultivate if you wish to manifest your hopes and dreams- or even get around to cleaning your fridge. When experienced, it opens and focuses the mind, gladdens the heart, makes hands willing and super charges your energy field. What’s more, you can learn to cultivate it. Here’s our top ten tips to help you cultivate inspiration and lead an inspired life.

Top Ten Tips to Lead a More Inspired Life

1. Decide you want to receive inspiration and lead an inspired life. Receiving inspiration is first and foremost a choice. This opens your energy system.

2. Prepare yourself to accept inspiration and lead an inspired life by looking after yourself: eat well, sleep well, move your body, spend time with positive people. This prepares your energy system.

3. Keep a clear mind and cultivate listening: meditation is great for this. This prepares and helps hold the flow of inspiration.

4. Ask for inspiration and you will receive it! Your system is prepared so let it in.

5. Be in the now, it’s the only place inspiration can flow into you. Practice present moment living. This holds the flow of inspiration. Practicing being in the now will help you hold inspired states for longer. (Being in the now means being fully engaged in the present, unaware of the past and future possibilities. Inspiration can only ever experienced in the now.

6. Stay focused. Make a note of all the things you have to do, ideas that come to mind so you can revisit them another time. Becoming distracted will block the flow of inspiration.

7. Don’t take short cuts. Focus on what you want and do what you need to do to get there without rushing. Rushing takes you out of the now and therefore out of an inspired state. Inspiration is an exalted state that only exists is in the now.

8. Remember life is fun! Inspiration is light so ensure you balance your seriousness with fun. The closer your overall vibration is to the vibration you resonate at when inspired, will help you experience more of it.

9. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Just like Edison did when he invented the light bulb. Failing did not stop him, he focused on what he wanted and stayed with it until he succeeded. Don’t let it stop you.

10. Trust! Someone is always doing something inspiring, just look around you. If you fail to observe it, get out into nature or onto Google, You Tube or Pinterest. Seek and ye shall find!

This is your life! choose to live it more  inspired ways and watch what happens.

Love Zoe

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