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How to Improve Your Life - Exercise from Zoe

Improve Your Life: An Exercise from Zoe

We know you work with us for very specific reasons: improve your health, find inner peace, boost your wellbeing, connect with your own spirituality, create an authentic life and get your career/life purpose off the ground and flying, to name a few.

We also know that some of you started your year with goals, hopes and dreams. So at this point in the year, let’s stop, assess and ultimately re-assess your year to help improve your life.

Exercise to Improve Your Life

Exercise: Set aside undisturbed time and turn off your phone and email. With a pen and paper or on your computer, answer the following questions:

  1. What were your goals, hopes and wishes for the last year?
  2. Are they still the same? (Your life circumstances may have changed and goals, hopes and dreams with them.)
  3. Regardless of whether they have remained the same or have changed, think about your current goals, hopes and dreams and let’s identify by writing down or typing up what’s worked?
  4. What’s not worked?
  5. Why things worked?
  6. Why things did not work? At this point step aside for a few minutes. When you’re ready to begin again, ask yourself:
  7. Do you want to continue with your goals, hopes and dreams again?
  8. If Yes, ask yourself, what do you need?
  9. If Not, let’s identify all current areas of focus in your life.
  10. Do you want to maintain these areas of focus?
  11. If yes, what do you need?
  12. If not, where do you wish to move your focus to?
  13. What do you need in order to achieve this?

As you do this exercise make sure you do not judge or criticize yourself. All that matters is harmony in the Now- the past has gone and the future is yet to come. So take the time to assess your life today and press re-set where needed.  Make a plan and give it to yourself. You matter and this world is waiting for you to shine!

~ Zoe x

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